Newsflash: May 12, 2013

The Debutante Ball wishes each and every mother a very happy Mother’s Day!


From the 2013 Debs…

Deb Kerry is very excited about Amy’s release of THE GLASS WIVES!!! Also, she will be signing books at the Barnes & Noble in Spokane Valley on Sunday, May 18th.

Deb Susan received a splendid review from Kirkus, who called CLAWS OF THE CAT “an absorbing look at Japanese culture, along with a sharp mystery.” Yes, I did the happy dance!

Deb Dana cannot wait to celebrate Deb Amy’s launch of THE GLASS WIVES this week!

Deb Amy AAK! THE GLASS WIVES goes on sale TUESDAY!


Past Deb News

 Kirkus reviews called Deb Erika Marks’s THE GUEST HOUSE A satisfying read that evokes the leisurely warmth of long summer days and true connection.” Congratulations, Deb Erika!

Deb Tawna Fenske’s next romantic comedy has an official title – in 2014, look for Deb Tawna to tell us exactly why SIZE MATTERS


Deb Friends

Congratulations to Deb Friend Erika Robuck, whose new novel, CALL ME ZELDA, released last week!


Deb Dish – How has your mom – or being a mom – helped you on your writing journey?

Deb Amy: I thought, no I knew, that for my kids to see me doing something important to me, that I enjoyed, that had nothing to do with them, was really important. It wasn’t the motivation to start writing again, more of a benefit. We always want our kids to pursue their passions and I believe my kids often enjoyed seeing me pursue mine, especially as they got older!

Deb Kerry: My mom read to me, every day, from as far back as I can remember right up until the day I informed her I would be reading my own books from now on. Besides teaching me a great love for books, she also taught me that I could do or be anything if I put my mind to it. I’ve tried to pass these things on to my own kids.

Deb Susan: Like Deb Kerry, I had a mom who read to me every single day – often for far more minutes than grown-up me can believe. When I wrote my first (horrific) manuscript in high school, she supported me every step of the way. She paid for me to attend my first writer’s conference (shortly after I graduated from college) because I couldn’t afford it on my own. Most of all, she believed in me every step of the way – which is why I dedicated Claws of the Cat to her. No one could deserve it more.

Deb Dana: From the time I was a little girl, my mom has always been supportive of my dreams and passions, whether it’s been writing or cooking or playing the flute. In middle and high school — and even occasionally in college — I would ask her to read my papers or stories, and she would always oblige, even when she had a zillion things of her own to do. What I most appreciated was her honesty. If what I’d written was fabulous she’d say so, but if it wasn’t my best work, she’d tell me that, too (though kindly). That way, if she raved about something, I knew she meant it — and that what I’d written was actually good and not just good in a mother’s eyes. As a new mother (9 weeks and counting!), I hope I can give my son that same gift of supportive honesty.


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  1. Thank you, dear Debs, for the shout out for the Kirkus review! Hope I’m not too late to send Happy Mother’s Day wishes back to you and yours too!

    Looking forward to next week’s launch of THE GLASS WIVES!!!

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