Newsflash: October 7, 2012:

Congrats to Florence, winner of Sarah Jio’s BLACKBERRY WINTER!

From the 2013 Debs…

Deb Kerry is feeling like a real author now that BETWEEN has a cover & blurb up on  Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Deb Dana received her first blurb, from the lovely Stacey Ballis, who calls protagonist Hannah Sugarman “Bridget Jones with a killer cinnamon bun recipe”!

Deb Kelly’s book is now available for preorder here!

Deb Susan is in Atlanta, Georgia, speaking at the Moonlight & Magnolias conference and enjoying the company of writer friends, old and new!

Deb Amy is almost finished with her copy edits!


Past Deb News

 Deb Erika Marks just finished the first “fin” of the launch and book tour for her recently released second novel, THE MERMAID COLLECTOR. Here’s a photo of Deb Erika with the crew from Fiction Addiction during Deb Erika’s recent stop in Greenville, South Carolina:

Congratulations, Deb Erika, on your successful launch!

Deb Joanne Levy’s SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE continues to receive great reviews. LSJ called it “a fun, witty account of middle-school life while effectively capturing its pre-teen angst.”

Deb Sarah Jio recently sold her fifth and sixth novels to Penguin – and her fourth novel, THE LAST CAMELLIA, is scheduled for publication in May 2013. – Way to Go, Deb Sarah!


Deb Dish – How long were you writing seriously before you sold your debut novel?

Deb Amy: Since I was ten, when I was chiseling my ideas into stone tablets.  

Deb Dana: In terms of fiction writing, about a year and a half.

Deb Kelly:  I have not started writing seriously yet. Wacka wacka.

Deb Kerry: Using the delimiter “seriously” to weed out my childhood and hapless youth – a good twenty years. Only there were breaks, like in one of those marriages where people are together, get divorced, and get back together again.

Deb Susan: Seven years. In 2004, I made the commitment to write every day and to keep writing until I reached my lifelong dream of publication. Seven years, five manuscripts, and very few missed writing days later … it happened.


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    1. Look at us, Kathy–we did it!! There’s nothing better than getting to finally meet an online friend in real life. Debs, Deb Friend Kathy is every bit as lovely and warm as she is here at the Ball–I hope every one of you Debs gets the chance to meet her! Kathy, I’m looking forward to our next meet up!

      Congratulations on all the wonderful news, ladies! Here’s to another fabulous week!!

  1. As Erika said – here’s to another fabulous week! It’s so exciting to see the publishing wheels starting to turn for my sister Debs (and me)! I pre-ordered all the 2013 Deb books this week! Can’t wait to read them.

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