Newsflash: September 16, 2012

Congrats to Sally, winner of a copy of GOODNIGHT TWEETHEART!


From the 2013 Debs…

Deb Kerry is totally pumped about her book cover release party starting on Monday right here

Deb Dana has some exciting foreign rights news to announce next week. Stay tuned!

Deb Susan is recovering from her trip to Denver and very excited about Deb Kerry’s cover release party!


Past Deb News

 Debutante Ball Founder Deb Eileen Cook is excited to announce that her romantic comedy, DO OR DI, is free today on Amazon! You can find it at: – Click through and take a peek!


Deb Dish – Where were you (and what were you doing) when the idea for your debut novel struck?

Deb Amy: I have no idea where I was but I know where I was in my life.  It was 2007 and I was writing a memoir based on my divorce experience. Ego with a side of cliché, anyone? A writing friend encouraged me to try my story as fiction – to imagine something I thought was ridiculous – and write that.  So I thought, well, what if a divorced mom and her ex-husband’s widow, and all their kids, actually lived together?  I thought of it like Kate and Allie (if you’re old enough to remember that show) mixed with The Brady Bunch (even if you’re not old enough, it’s a classic) and some heartache and betrayal thrown in.  (But no Silver Platters.)  In retrospect I realize that really the seed for the book is “what makes a family” because I’d had my conventional notion of family thrown out the window. Ok, trampled on.

Deb Dana: We were living in London at the time, and I was half-asleep in our flat in Marylebone, when I started thinking/dreaming about an article I’d read earlier that day about an underground supper club in London. I leapt out of bed, scurried into our living room, and, in nearly unintelligible handwriting, scrawled “girl who starts underground supper club” into my notebook. The next day, I started what eventually became The Girls’ Guide to Love and Supper Clubs.

Deb Kelly:  I was on my couch, of course. Watching HGTV. More on that in this coming week’s post…

Deb Kerry: I was in my office discussing alternate realities with my friend and co-worker Jamie. It occurred to me that it would be fun to play around with this concept, which I did for Nanowrimo. Only two of the original characters and a penguin survived the multiple revisions that followed.

Deb Susan: It was early June, 2011. While brushing my teeth at the bathroom mirror, I was attacked by ninjas! (OK, I might have made the last bit up.) But I was brushing my teeth when I had the random thought: “Most ninjas commit murders. Hiro Hattori solves them.”  The rest, as they say, is history historical mystery.


9 Replies to “Newsflash: September 16, 2012”

  1. Penguin?? You have a PENGUIN in your book!! Instant and automatic love for the penguin. Seriously …. I have this weird thing for penguins. They stink like crazy but I just love them anyway.

    OK, I might have a lot of weird things. But we’ll pretend it’s only the penguins.

  2. Sounds like an interesting premise. Would you say the book is more Fantasy/SF or more Romance if you had to choose?
    And do you know whatever happened to Vivian? Was his internal nav system damaged by the oil, do you think?

    1. The book is Urban Fantasy, (leaning heavily to Contemporary Fantasy) with romantic elements. It’s hard to say what really happened with Vivian the penguin. I have since read about other penguins striking off north – nobody is sure why it happens.

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