Newsflash, Sunday August 17 2008

Deb News:

The Debs were quoted in this week’s San Francisco Chronicle. You can read all about it here.

Deb Jess is beyond excited to announce that Driving Sideways has just gone into a FOURTH printing! Thanks so much to everyone who picked up a copy to help her reach that milestone!

And thanks to the lovely women across the pond at Trashionista for the wonderful review of Driving Sideways …Five out of five stars! From the review: “It’s funny, snarky, sweet and gripping. I loved it.”

Jess will be at the Appleton, Wisconsin Barnes and Noble today (Sunday Aug. 17) from 1-3 pm. Stop by if you’re in town!

Deb Jenny’s novel, SLEEPING WITH WARD CLEAVER was chosen by as their book pick this week! It’s a fabulous website and if you have a minute please do stop over there to check it out!

Deb Gail is thrilled to announce her first online review written by the funny and talented Katie Schwartz!!

Gail also has some confirmed book tour dates in San Francisco and NYC and also some in Wisconsin. Most are listed here. More are being added soon! PLEASE please please come out and bring your friends! I would love to meet/see ALL of you!!

Also check out the latest Writer’s Digest… Deb Gail’s interview with Jordan Rosenfeld is in there!! Thank you Jordan!

Deb Danielle has received another great review for Falling Under from the excellent site A Bookworm’s World. “Danielle Younge-Ullman’s debut novel Falling Under grabs you from the first page and just doesn’t let go until you reluctantly turn the last…an outstanding debut from this bright new Canadian author. This intense, edgy novel would generate lots of discussion for a book club.”

Falling Under was also reviewed (and discussed!) at the Good Housekeeping Blog. Here are some highlights: “[T]his debut was hard hitting and explosive, with a raw energy that left me breathless. Falling Under is a fascinating journey into the mind of a real woman in search for the right man. Ullman’s book is one, like a good friend, that tells you like it is but leaves you feeling good when the conversation is over.”

Deb Lisa’s book Fifteen Minutes of Shame has been chosen as next month’s book club pick for Chicago’s 24-8 Book Club. Also, the new season of the DAYTIME show is starting in 2 weeks. Be sure to tune in, you can see Lisa Daily every Monday.

Founder News:

Founder Deb Mia has a cover trailer for her book, SWEET LIFE, which is out in three weeks!

Also! This Monday, August 18th, Seize a Daisy’s post will feature “Mia King and Sweet Life.”


Congratulations to Amy Nathan, our winner of the After-Launch-Week, Launch Week Contest for Falling Under. Ms. Nathan will receive a signed copy of Falling Under, a suprise gift and postcards from each Deb.

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