Oh, Canada by Deb Joelle

While you were all rushing around trying to meet that April 15th tax deadline, I was basking in the glory that I live in Canada now. Deadlines schmeadlines. This is how I spent my week.

Eating cake.


Walking in the Enchanted Forest.

Talking on the phone to my mum.

Listening to the Cubs on the radio.


Sleeping some more.

Reading with the cat.

Chopping firewood.


Hanging out with hubby.

Basking in the glory of the REAL hardcover copy of my book that I got in the mail!

Eating more ca–

WHAT? I have to file taxes in CANADA? They’re due April 30th? And we can’t file separately? I have to do a return for both me AND my husband? AND we have to file in the U.S. too? OMG!

I gotta go dig out my receipts.

9 Replies to “Oh, Canada by Deb Joelle”

  1. Ha! Enjoyed that! I’ve lived in both countries, too. One thing about Canadian taxes is if you don’t owe, they don’t care if you’re late. We’ll keep your refund, no biggie. 🙂 Can lead to lots of laziness.

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