Pet Peaves by Deb Lisa Daily

Don’t you just hate it when someone tells you they’re going to do something, and then they just blow it off?

Like for instance, a certain Debutante (whose initials happen to be LD) who is supposed to post every Wednesday morning by like, 6 am EST, but was so wrapped up in her own life last night that she forgot?

Don’t you just hate that?

Here are my other pet peaves, in no particular order:

*Friends who interrupt your stories to tell you theirs, and never give you a breath to finish yours before the conversation is over.

*Husbands who put pizza boxes next to the trash, if the trash is full. (Note to husband: next to the trash is not the same as in the trash. If the trash can not contain your refuge item, TAKE OUT THE TRASH.)

*People who think they can improve your driving by honking at you.

*Computers that pretend to be human when you call customer service

*Telemarketers of any kind

*People who tell stories about how mean or snippy or power-crazed they were with another person they encountered that day as if this were an accomplishment

*Candy wrappers that stick to the candy

*The fact that there are only 24 hours in my day, and I need at least 8 of them for sleeping or I get really cranky.

What are your pet peaves?


Fifteen Minutes of Shame by Lisa Daily

Author: Lisa Daily

Lisa Daily is a real-life TV dating expert on Daytime. She's a syndicated relationships columnist, a popular media guest seen everywhere from MTV to the New York Times, and the author of the bestselling dating advice book, Stop Getting Dumped! : All you need to know to make men fall madly in love with you and marry "The One" in 3 years or less. Visit lisa online at

17 Replies to “Pet Peaves by Deb Lisa Daily”

  1. Great post, Lisa!

    Since you asked… Since I’m an anal control freak, I have too many to list them in their entirety, but here’s a start of the ones that are sure to make my blood boil.

    * Suposebly (really, there’s a girl here at my office who says this frequently)
    * Spam – e-mail or phone (telemarketers)
    * Too much perfume
    * Rude people – especially people who go out of their way to be rude to waiters/servicepeople just because they are waiters/servicepeople
    * People who think rules don’t apply to them

    Oh, I could go on and on, but you’d think I was a freak. (Oh who am I kidding *more* of a freak…)

  2. Like your “peeves” Lisa and Joanne!

    I dislike bad grammar in advertising and REALLY dislike bad grammer/made up words for the sake of a rhyme, in a song for instance. (“You cheated girl, my heart bleeded girl…”)

    I dislike the telemarketers, rude people and angry people who like to vent on the innocent, unsuspecting bystanders.

    I really hate the sound of a Dorito (or other chip) bag crackling every thirty seconds while I’m trying to watch Lost on DVD. (Put them in a bowl!!!)

    I hate it when people don’t pick up after their dogs.

    I’m not fond of being asked “is it a bodice-ripper?” in relation to my book, which is nothing like a bodice-ripper, although my protagonist does rip the buttons off a guy’s shirt in one scene.

    I have a problem with narrow-mindedness, black and white thinking–though there is a place for boundaries in life for sure, most things and people have many shades and that’s what makes life interesting.

    Oh, I have a big list I could post now that I think of it! Good thing I can post tomorrow!

    Deb Danielle Younge-Ullman

  3. Deb Danielle–

    Oh GAWD, I hate bad grammar in advertising — or randomly replacing letters — like “Kwik Klean.”

    Ripping the buttons off his shirt?? — must read faster…must read faster…

    I am loving your book — trying to negotiate for more time with my to-do list to find time to finish reading it.



  4. Tina — πŸ™‚ deadlines are annoying. (Or good, I guess, because they mean we’re working.)

    Eileen: there’s nothing worse than ye olde blah blah —

    Thanks for the great comments!!


  5. the whole computer conspiracy… the way they break down at crucial moments and make me realize how little I understand about them and how dependent I am. (This happened recently to me as I was finishing up my book). That, and all those extra e’s that Eileen mentioned.


    Join us Friday the 13th for a special presentation of

    GRAMMARJAM — Using Grammar On The Job

    Now, with extra exclamation points!

    You will learn:

    How to use puns to influence people!

    How to make up words instead of using that pesky dictionary!

    How to tell if your boss is more illiterate than you are!

    Why America LOVES alliteration!

    Using cartoon characters instead of words!

    How to make Random Capitalization work For You!

    AND, Why repeating things you hear on TV is almost as good as thinking for yourself!

    Be Kool! Stay in Skool!


    Thanks for your fun comments, Joanne, I couldn’t stop myself…


  7. Ha! Great list, Lisa…I have a million pet peeves. Last night before falling asleep my husband was loudly nibbling a hangnail for what felt like twenty minutes in the otherwise quiet bedroom. I listened for awhile, growing more and more agitated, and finally exploded, “What are you doing over there, kabuki theater?!?!”

    I also despise forwarded emails that end up making me feel guilty for one reason or another.

  8. Oh, telemarketers make me crazy. Is there anyone they don’t make crazy? But what really bugs me is that they’ve turned me into a rude person. A person who answers the phone with a snarl if I don’t recognize the number on the caller ID. A person who screens. I don’t like how telemarketers have altered my behaviour. Okay, I changed my behaviour… But it was because of them.

  9. Jess — Hangnail nibbling? My skin just crawled off my body and went into the other room. My husband has some equally nasty habits, of course. πŸ™‚

    Maureen —
    Thanks. I think telemarketers can be blamed for the downfall of American society. And terrorism. And, um, bread mold.


  10. Hello Aunt Lisa,

    I agree with you about the friends not letting you finish your stories. That happens to me ALL THE TIME!

    And only 24 hours in the day??
    What the heck is up with that? I need more hours too and i’m only in high school!

    but i’m in bussiness class right now and the bell is going to ring in a few minutes.

    i love you so much!
    you’re amazing:)
    love lizzy

  11. Hello brilliant and beautiful Lizzy,

    Thank you so much for commenting πŸ™‚ One of my friends (Lisa Earle McLeod) read this post and said, “It’s ME, isn’t it?”

    If I were your mother, I’d nag you about not paying attention in class, but since I am your aunt and know you to be a straight A student, I will just enjoy my little flashback of when I used to read novels in science class. (The teacher just regurgitated the textbook every day — why sit through something I’d already read?)

    I know you need a 25 or a 28-hour day — with sports, and school, and working and helping your mom — I don’t see how you have time to sleep!

    Granny showed me your homecoming pictures when she was here at Xmas – you look gorgeous. I’ll bet all the boys were drooling. πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to see you this summer!

    I love you so much — you’re pretty amazing yourself.

    Aunt Lisa πŸ™‚

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