Power Yoga Boot Camp Part One by Deb Gail

I just arrived home from a week at Power Yoga Level One Teacher Training Boot Camp in Hawaii, which was not exactly what I expected (guess I didn’t take the words BOOT CAMP literally enough). But boot camp it was… 15 hour days that began with a 7 a.m. walk in silence and ended with midnight yoga with barely enough time to pee and often 7 hours between meals that made running the half marathon seem like a little warm-up. Not to mention no coffee, no wine, no sugar, no cabana boys. And while I can’t wait to share more about this with all of you including what a rush it is to do 8 backbends in a row and a description of the cute Australian surfer guy and why I hope to never see Kasha again. EVER… but you’ll have to wait until next Monday. Missed all of you! Mahalo! Gail

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  1. Hi Keri, thanks for stopping by! Yes, I am an official Yoga Teacher now but not certified (I’d need to do one more teacher training for that). The official wording is that I’m a Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher who trained with Baron Baptiste. I wore my boot camp t-shirt home and people in the airport kept asking me if I was a yoga teacher and I’d be like, oh yeah I guess I am!

  2. Hey Lisa! I really missed you guys! Can’t wait to share more details…

    You’re not a wimp, Kristina. I’m a bit crazy and, I learned that you don’t know what you’re capable of doing until you’re challenged to do it.

  3. Deb,

    I’m one of Jenny’s friends from another loop. For some reason, I thought Yoga was the easy way to start out exercising. Evidently, I’m wrong about this. lol


  4. Hi Sandy, yes some forms of yoga are more breathing and stretching but Vinyasa Flow is a very athletic style where every pose is linked by “the flow,” involving LOTS of push-ups with almost no rest until the end. And it’s all done in a heated room so you sweat a lot!

  5. I can’t wait to hear the details, Gail! I love yoga but the question I keep coming up against is how to fit it in when I’m already overwhelmed, sleep deprived, not getting enough done each day…any wisdom on that? I’m starting to think I need a time management class AND a yoga bootcamp…but how will I find the time? Notice the lovely circle my brain is spinning in?


  6. Any wisdom? Yes. If you take time to center yourself and honor your body you will be more focused, sleep more soundly (possibly need less sleep) and be more efficient and present in all areas of your life so you will actually have MORE time. Really.

  7. Sandy, I realize it sounded as if Vinyasa Flow isn’t about breathing and it is. In fact breath is everything and we do stretch a lot too. Just wanted to clarify that!

  8. Thanks Eileen! Glad you’re back, too!!

    Yes, Larramie we all need to feel powerful. And I can’t wait to tell you all more…

    Hi Maureen, so does that mean you usually have cabana boys (other than the the week you went without)? If so, where do you live? 😉 And yes, the coffee was the hardest part for me, also! But, I learned that I could keep go for hours on end without it. Today as I sipped my one small espresso I realized that it’s very bitter, isn’t it?

  9. Thanks Jess!! Next time you come to visit, we’ll do the flow together. (If you’re up for it.) Great to be back!!

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