Publishing is Not for Sissies by Deb Eileen

Things I’ve learned about the publishing industry thus far:

• Publishing is not for sissies – If you want to publish, you actually have to send things in, even though this means risking rejection

• There will be rejection, count on it – If you ask five people their opinion, you will get five different opinions

• There is always someone who will tell you it can’t be done

• You think you will be happy if you can find an agent

• Then you think you will be happy if you get an offer

• Once you have an offer you worry how it compares to everyone else, if you’ll get another offer, if you are getting enough publicity, if someone else has a film offer or foreign rights

• There are always people whose book is not as good as yours who will sell more

• There are always people who write better than you who are still waiting to get a deal

• No matter how secure you are in your everyday life, publishing can bring you right back to your inner teenage dork wondering if people really like you

• Your job is to keep writing, words on paper is what they pay you for, not worrying

As I wait for my first novel (In the Stars Berkley February 2007) to come out I still can’t believe it is happening. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands and to see it on the shelf. Publishing certainly isn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but it is the most rewarding.

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  1. This should be required reading for all aspiring writers, Eileen! So true, so true, except for, you know, that inner dork thing. I was never a dork. (Nobody’s seen that yearbook, right? No? Whew.) Nope, never a dork.

  2. Indeed, writing is the easy and most fulfilling part of an incredibly long trek up the publishing mountain. I was raised on “The Little Engine that Could” and practice the daily mantra of “I think I can,” hoping to eventually shout: “I KNEW I could!”

  3. You are so right – in fact, I’d venture to say that publication is better than traditional therapy if you want to work on your issues, because man, publication will bring them up!

    Fun post, E!

  4. This is all so, so true, Eileen. I agree with Kristy — it should be required reading for all aspiring writers.

    And Larramie, The Little Engine that Could is one of my daughter’s favorite books right now… that should be on the required reading list for aspiring writers too!

  5. “publishing can bring you right back to your inner teenage dork wondering if people really like you.” You were never a dork, you were my daughter and the rest of the world be damned. Wondering if people really liked you-You were loved and that is why you are where you are. Your mom and I planted an acorn and now a mighty oak is spreading its branches. Shelter and protect people for as I said to you once, “don’t dream the Impossible Dream – Live it”.

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