So, We’re All In Agreement; ALLEGEDLY is Amazing

This week, we’re celebrating the release of ALLEGEDLY by our very own Tiffany D. Jackson. If you haven’t yet read Crystal, Amy, or Lynn‘s posts, please do so. They are great and this book deserves every second of attention. And, that’s not just me saying so, though I did have this to say about the book…

The books I enjoy most are the ones where I feel like I’m experiencing a new world or reality, and I felt immersed in Mary’s. This book is raw, honest, realistic, and gut-wrenching, not to mention a page turner. The conversational feel of it, along with the twists and turns, meant I read this book in record time. I had to get to the ending. I’m still thinking about that ending.

All of these wonderful readers also had amazing things to say about ALLEGEDLY:

“Beyond compelling. Well-crafted. Simply unputdownable. I could not stop reading until I found out the truth.” – Laura

“This book just blew my mind and heart to smithereens. This is such a powerful book on every single level and the author doesn’t shy away from the dark realities of the justice system and mental health care.” – Allison

“This book is simply stunning. It is hard to find words to describe it. It is powerful and heartbreaking and truly a work of art. The voice is incredible, and the author paints a picture of Mary’s life that is so vivid that you will have to take a deep breath occasionally and remind yourself that you aren’t actually there.” – Amanda

“The is like the plot of one of those twisty “true crime” stories that will appeal to fans of the first season of SERIAL and Netflix’s MAKING A MURDERER.” – Christina

“This is a fast paced, twisty psychological thriller that doesn’t shy away from exploring race, justice (criminal and social), mental health, and gender. A powerful, compelling, twisty read with an excellent voice. For a debut novel, the skillful crafting, plotting, and character development are beyond outstanding.” – Kelly from Book Riot

“Oh man, that’s a tough read for a lot of reasons but holy crap did it have me turning pages obsessively. That was some damn compelling writing.” Dahlia

Guys, I could go on and on about the praise ALLEGEDLY is receiving, including FOUR starred reviews from Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and School Library Journal. And I hope each and every one of them puts a ginormous smile on Tiffany’s face. I encourage everyone to pick up this book for yourself and fly through the pages while holding your breath!

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Author: Jenni L. Walsh

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