Some More Books to be Excite About in 2019

There are so many amazing books coming out in 2019 I can barely handle it. I’ve posted on my own blog about all the fantasy and sci-fi coming out from debuts and I more recently put together a Twitter thread highlighting all the queer/QUILTBAG adult debut novels out this year:

Click through for the whole list.

So let’s just say I’m more than a little excite and that there’s a whole lot to be excite about.

But I’m going to take a moment and highlight a handful of the books I am Excite About that I haven’t seen much publicity for – at least not yet. Let’s stick with five so I don’t overwhelm you.

Nottingham by Nathan Makaryk
I was lucky enough to get to read an ARC of this debut historical/fantasy and it was a blast. Song of Fire and Ice meets Robin Hood, but without all the grimdark. It has all the character and wit of the best of GRRM’s writing plus the familiarity of Robin and Marion and the Sheriff, but with enough fresh changes and twists to keep you on your toes. I am so looking forward to foisting this book on literally everyone once it’s out.
Comes out: August 2019

Lord of Secrets by Breanna Teintze
Magic is poison. Secrets are power. Death is . . . complicated.
With a tagline like that what’s not to like?? Potential necromancy, outlaw wizards, some queer side characters, and the promise of humor and a fun time: this is my kind of fantasy. I am so excited for this, because it’s going to be so much fun.
Comes out: July 25, 2019

The Resurrectionist of Caligo by Wendy Trimboli
With a murderer on the loose, it’s up to an enlightened bodysnatcher and a rebellious princess to save the city.
Okay so we have fantasy, we have graverobbing, we have murder, we have blood magic – do I even need to go on?
Comes out: September 10, 2019

The Library Of The Unwritten by A.J. Hackwith
In the afterlife, there is a library. In the library, there are books. But not just any books – these are the books and other creative works that never got written, painted, or otherwise created – the unwritten works that never made it into the world. And they have a librarian, as you do. Who must track down a missing codex using only her knowledge of books and stories as weapons.
Comes out: Fall 2019

Wild Life by Keena Roberts
Let’s round this list off with a little memoir. This is a coming-of-age story about a young girl who spends half of her years in a primitive “baboon camp” in Botswana with her primatologist parents, the other half dropped into a ritzy private school in a Philadelphia suburb learning a very different kind of social hierarchy. There’s a lot of near-death experiences and hippos are the primary antagonists, which means I want this NOW PLEASE.
Comes out: Fall 2019

Author: K.A. Doore

K.A. Doore writes fantasy – mostly second world, mostly novels – with a touch of horror and a ton of adventure. Now she lives in Michigan with her one (1) small human and one (1) wife, but it's been a long road across the U.S. and back again to get here. The Perfect Assassin, is the first book in the Chronicles of Ghadid trilogy, is her debut.