Spread the Love by Deb Joelle

Some people say you shouldn’t use the word love lightly. I suppose there are cases where this is true (like on a first date, gentlemen), but for the most part, I’m all for throwing it out there. Sure, there are different types of love…I mean, I don’t feel the same kind of love for my husband as I do for an avocado, but a good avo is hard to beat, so if I’m feeling the love, I’m gonna use the word. If I haven’t already established that the husband goes at the top of the list, well…he does. Here are a few other things I love in a totally random order:

Packages in the mail


My family


Hiking in the woods

Chopping firewood

Walking on my treadmill while I write


Reading in front of the fire

Sunbathing on my deck

The deer in the yard

Standing on the front of the ferry with the wind blowing

Sunday Soup

My agent


Homemade cookies

Warm clothes

When my husband makes dinner

My blankie

The internet

My friends

High heel shoes

My husband’s southern accent

Riding my bike

Living on an island

Being in a play

The Grade 6/7 class


Baseball/Chicago Cubs


Spiders (outside)

My husband’s photography


The cats


My editor

Vintage handbags

My apron

The cover of my book

Sleeping in


Typing (weird, I know…but I do)

Harry Potter


Writing in my journal

Surprising people


Filling in forms

My critique group

Pizza with homegrown tomatoes

Potatoes from the garden – in February!

Publishing (yes, even at its glacial pace)

My husband’s laughter

The Blues

The movie Bull Durham



Getting paid to write

The ocean

Book bloggers


Audio books

The Archers


Teaching cooking

The Debutante Ball!

What do y’all love?

14 Replies to “Spread the Love by Deb Joelle”

  1. –“(like on a first date, gentlemen)”

    hee hee–okay, what’s the story there?

    –“Walking on my treadmill while I write”


    I love…watching American Idol with my feet in my husband’s lap.

  2. I love it that you love the rain, because it certainly rains A LOT there on your beautiful island! My love for rain has grown more intense now that we’ve known drought.

    I love lists, my own or someone else’s (yours, for example). And I LOVE little kids when their imagination kicks into high gear. Joy, joy, joy.

  3. Cats, dogs, clogs, yoga class, Nutella, Loreena McKennitt, Lars and the Real Girl, the Collingswood farmers market, trees, owls, red zinfandel, big earrings.

  4. Also vacation, Amelie, and flossing.

    Oh, and chap stick. And watching people blow glass. And the smell of spearmint.

    Okay, I’m done.

  5. Aw love you too 🙂 Great list.

    I love my son’s laugh, the sound of my husband’s key in the lock and the AAA man who is on his way to change my flat tire 🙂

  6. The rare day when my kids get along.
    When there’s still money at the end of the month.
    When my wife and kids say, “Will you please go surfing and leave us alone.”
    Enjoying the Debutante Ball.

  7. Love your list-it is bringing out the love-I do agree with your first date rule, though. I love lists, the idea of peace, my children laughing together,thepublic library, the sound of my husband’s car pulling up our driveway, my husband’s pretend Scottish accent, Guinness in a glass, Italian wine, the beach, books, my job, blogging, tea, Friday afternoons, a recipe that works, Giada, homemade pizza with garden-fresh basil, farmer’s markets and small bookstores, smiling, watching movies with my husband, my house, dinner conversation when all five of us are home…oh, I could go on and on and how wonderful is it that we have so much to love!!!

  8. I cannot believe that even though my whole day revolves around it, I forgot to include TEA! So hooked on David’s Tea (www.davidstea.com), thanks to Eileen! Loving the Creme Caramel, the Tiramasu, the Cocoa Chai…mmmmm….I think I better go have some now.

    Thanks everyone for adding to the list. It’s been great fun reading yours!

  9. What a lovely list! We love many of the same things, like tea and chocolate and ARCs – and I’m with Emily on American Idol! Even better is when my feet are in my husband’s lap AND he’s giving me a foot rub.

  10. Aw, your critique group loves you, too!

    We actually share many loves. I’ll add a few of my own, though: antique stores, walking in pine woods, colorful/patterned socks, refinishing furniture, good haircuts, when my girls sleep well at night (good for all of us), funny poetry, books I can’t bear to put down (Diana Wynne Jones, lately), cheese, BBC movie adaptations of classic novels, Christmas trees, watching my husband read his poetry at formal readings, listening to my oldest daughter sound out words, my children laughing (especially together), books on CD, Britain’s Got Talent…I’d better stop. I could go on forever, I think! Hooray for loves!

  11. I love….my dog,homemade quilts, lists, the color white, Jane Austen, my son’s giggle, a hot bath, a cold shower, the smell of freshly mowed grass, clean sheets, libraries, the smell of old books, the feel of a new book, ARCS, sleep, my husband , fall leaves, newly painted toe nails, snow, rainy days, shopping online, Jane Eyre, purses and shoes (especially high heels) JCREW, crossword puzzles, pajamas, granny smith apples, new school supplies, candle light …..and so many of the things you mentioned in your list. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to stop and think about my loves, no matter how big or small!

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