Take Deb Amy’s Cover Quiz

This is the cover for THE GLASS WIVES:

Glass Wives_final cover


And now, look at the original cover for THE GLASS WIVES:

Amy Cover

Do you see the difference?

Most people say that the cups are turned differently. They’re not. It’s simply that now the cup on the right is blue, not pink. What happened? The powers that be, and are, decided that the cups were not representative of the different women in THE GLASS WIVES. The women are different, so the cups should be different. This sent me into a minor tizzy at first, but that’s because I’m a literal gal. I did not believe that my main character, Evie, would have more than one set of china cups! How could that be? Oh, right. It’s not literal. Then, along with Facebook friends and fans and the readers of my personal blog, Women’s Fiction Writers, we had to decide which cup was going to change to blue. There was a poll, there was banter, there was a lot of eye rolling. In the end, people I trust and my own esthetic sense, and gut, opted for the blue cup on the right. And now the pink/pink cover looks, well, just too darn pink!

What do you think?  Do you like literal covers or something more artistic/representative of the book in some way? 

6 Replies to “Take Deb Amy’s Cover Quiz”

  1. That is wild–I liked the pink pink cover originally, but now it looks all wrong!

    Having read the book, the pink/blue cover just makes sense to me. I’ve created an Evie in my head who would totally scoop up a four-pack of porcelain teacups with four different colored cups (and matching mis-matched saucers) on an impulse while cruising through the Macy’s basement. Maybe five years ago, she was there buying shoes for the twins, and she picked these up too because Beth and Laney were always accidentally drinking out of her mug during their coffee klatches, and giving Evie a different set of childcare germs!
    How weird is it to have your characters messing about in other people’s minds, Amy? Does it feel surreal?

    1. Kelly, I now think that’s the best part. I am always “living with” other people’s characters. Closing a book and wishing I could be part of the story, just for a moment, just for a chapter. The idea that Evie, Laney, and Beth live on without me is truly amazing.

      And it’s really a compliment. So, thank you! xo

  2. Covers – such an endlessly fascinating process. So – I also like the blue cup better, although I admit to being an eye roller about all of the drama surrounding the change, lol. And I can totally seeing Evie having the two different colored cups, just as Kelly says.

    Also – your book is releasing next week!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love this, Amy. It’s very much like looking back at earlier drafts of our novels, at passages or plots we couldn’t imagine not being in the book, and now gone, they seem so…well, wrong? Right?

    The process is infinitely fascinating, isn’t it? But best of all, I love that you had to wrap your head around the implications for your character and the change in the cover layout. Talk about something you never think you’ll think about on this journey! But bottomline, I love the slight adjustment and think the cover is all-around a fabulous design–I can’t wait to read what’s BEHIND it next week!!!

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