Thanksgiving…and Other Disasters


Thanksgiving and Other Disasters is the theme of this week for us here at The Debutante Ball. Thing is, short of a frozen, raw turkey I served six hours later than I expected one year, I don’t really have any disasters to speak of. Well, until this year. A dear family member is ill, as in, living-in-the-hospital-ill and it gives me a tremendous amount of perspective (not to mention a deluge of sadness). Suddenly I find myself faced with life’s IMPORTANT questions:

What matters in this world?

What is it that I’m REALLY thankful for?

Of course I’m thankful for:  health, family, friends!

But I’m also thankful for sand between my toes, and boating on a hot day. The smell of a crackling bonfire on a crisp autumn night. Cookie dough and romantic comedies. A piping hot latte in winter. The kind of book that steals my heart, my breath, and turns my world view upside down. My kids creeping into bed with me in the early morning hours. My husband’s unique brand of poetry.

I am thankful that I can do what I love, that I have courage to face my demons, and that I have YOU. You readers, YOU, my fellow Debs.

Disasters aren’t all bad. They’re also painfully, horrifically beautiful.

I hope all of you are as blessed as I am this Thanksgiving Day.


Author: Heather Webb

Heather Webb is the author of BECOMING JOSEPHINE, her debut historical (Plume/Penguin 2014). A freelance editor and blogger, she spends oodles of time helping writers hone their skills—something she adores. You may find her Twittering @msheatherwebb, hosting contests, or hanging around as a contributor to the Editor's Posts. She is also the Twitter mistress for the popular Writer Unboxed. She loves making new reader and writer friends. Stop on by her website, Between the Sheets!

4 Replies to “Thanksgiving…and Other Disasters”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Heather!

    I’m sorry about your family member — it’s really, really hard.

    I’m thankful for a new thing to be thankful for this year, knowing you and Natalia and Susan and Lori. What a fun trip!

  2. Such a beautiful post.

    I’ll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts, Heather. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving together.

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