The #1 Thing That Gets Deb Sarah’s Creativity Going

On July 4, I was busy finishing up a few posts for my blog, Vitamin G, dealing with fussy kids, and eyeing the clock (at 11, I had to take the kids to the neighborhood’s annual Fourth of July parade). All the while, I was thinking of how bogged down I felt. The sun was shining, birds were chirping—and there was nothing I’d rather do than slip into my jogging shoes and head out for a run. But how could I when I had so many things to do!

You know what I did, though? I went anyway.

I decided that on July 4, of all days, I would excerise a little personal freedom and say to heck with my to-do list and just seize the moment and go for that run.

I’m not sure if I’ve shared here before or not, so I’ll say it again: I have found nothing (nothing!) as good at boosting my creativity as a hard run—the type that leave me really sweaty and red-faced (the harder the run, the more creative I get). I’ve thought of entire plots for novels, fixed character issues, and even come up with titles on my three mile jogs over the years. (Read about my third novel—just completed—which I basically wrote in my head while I jogged these past months!)

In short, I need to run. For my writing life. For my personal life. For me.

What unlocks your creativity?

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  1. I agree! I go kickboxing 5 -6 times a week and last week went for a good run. It’s healing pounding that pavement – or trail. Especially with youngsters at home, you need that alone, brain off, body on time to reorganize your cells and to create your OWN exhaustion, not the kind children dish out oh so well. Exercise and music – a tickle in my stomach that says, “You have ideas, go get them down onto paper.” K

  2. Um, not running. In me that only unlocks crunchy knees. I do, however, get past major plot blockages when I walk really fast along the wooded path near my house. Maybe that counts.

    It’s odd about running. Two of my brothers are marathoners, and one is mere like me–we prefer to enjoy most athletic endeavors (other than long walks) vicariously. Guess it’s just a genetic roll of the dice.

  3. I totally agree!!! I don’t tend to think clearly while I’m running, but everything percolates when my head is preoccupied by the effort and the music I blare into my ears, and when it’s all over… ideas!

  4. Great suggestion and reminder. I think as writers we do too much butt in chair whether it be writing, researching, networking, etc. We tend to forget about our health. I am so guilty of this. The fact that I haven’t been running/walking is probably why I haven’t written hardly at all, blogging or on the book. Thanks for reminding me! Hopefully I can hit the track today!

    1. Danielle, good girl! Did you go for your run? And, I agree, too much butt-in-chair rhetoric for writers. I think we need to get our butts out of our chair now and again!! xoxo

  5. I had a blissful 45 minutes yesterday where all 3 girls were in speech therapy. I brought my laptop to the center, full of ideas for my fiction and safe in the knowledge there is no WiFi at the center. Another Mom started talking to me the minute I fired up my computer and DID NOT STOP until, as my kids were bounding toward me she said, “I talk a lot when I’m nervous.” Sigh….. I think I wrote 8 words, “All talk and no write make Kim a mad girl!”

    1. Sarah, you are so sweet! Running truly is a MUST for me when it comes to my novels. Just today I got a new idea that I’m freaking out over. Now, if I can just find the time to WRITE IT!xoxo

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