The Best Mother (for Me) by Deb Meredith

mcoledoorMothers always get a bad rap in the movies. They come off as crazy or haranguing, and either they don’t love their kids enough or they smother them. It’s just not fair.

Sure, I know lots of women who’ve had awful relationships with their mothers, but most of us moms are just regular people. We make mistakes and lose our temper, but we say we’re sorry. We’re proud of our kids, but at the same time hate to see them grow up and away from us. And we try our best to be the best moms that we can.

My mom certainly wasn’t the coolest when I was a teenager. She was a history professor, wore comfortable shoes and made her own clothes. She never wore make-up, so a friend in 7th grade had to teach me how to put on eyeliner and blush. And when a song I liked came on the radio she would say things like “we do our sit-ups to this in aerobics class!” How mortifying.

20weeks_gardenBut my mom always knows the proper definition of a word, and where obscure countries/cities/rivers are located. She helped me cram for the American History AP test in the car by giving me a brief outline of all the events after World War II. She brought home stacks of books for me to read and encouraged me to write. And she always talked to me like I was an adult, and was interested in my opinions.

When I see old pictures of my mother, I see myself in her face, and I know my personality is very similar to hers. Someday I will very likely gross out my son with my comfortable shoes and lack of current music knowledge. But I hope to also nourish his love of reading, and encourage him to think for himself. I had a great role model, and definitely the best mother (for me).

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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  1. “My mom certainly wasn’t the coolest when I was a teenager. She was a history professor, wore comfortable shoes and made her own clothes. She never wore make-up,”

    She sounds like Mira in LIARS! I bet I’d adore your mom.

    What a great picture…

    You know what movie has a great representation of motherhood? Steel Magnolias.

  2. You’re right, Kris! Steel Magnolias is a great film. My mom probably does sound a bit like Mira in Liars… Very funny.

    And my mom taught me to sew, Katie–but unfortunately I haven’t done much of it lately. The last project I sewed was a hobby horse for my son (and it took forever–but maybe that was because I made a yarn mane for it).

  3. What a nice post. I hope that when my daughters are grown, they say such positive things about me! It sounds like your mom really did a great job of just letting you be.

  4. Thanks, Tiffany. I’m sure your daughters will brag about you incessantly (once they make it safely through the eye-rolling phase of their teenage years). My mother had a dream before I was born that I was a carpenter and that I made beautiful things. And she was happy because I was happy. So when my friends complained that their parents were pressuring them to be doctors and lawyers I’d just laugh. I try to focus on that for my own child now–wishing that he’ll find a profession someday that makes him happy, and trying not to “sweat the small stuff.”

  5. Meredith!!!! It was sooooo cool to meet you! Thank you so much for coming out to my event. We will have to hang together again in the near future.

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