The creative process… and I do mean “process,” by Deb Katie

So, bad habits. Let’s talk bad habits. I’m going to come totally clean on this. Heck yeah. This post is going to be like a cleansing… what’s another word for cleansing? Let me just go check

[45 minutes later]

So, where was I? Yeah, I’m going to examine my bad habits. I mean, I don’t really have any more or less than your typical person. I can be a little heavy on the snark from time to time. I eat a lot more junk food than I should. And I buy way too much fabric. Which is ironic, because no matter how much fabric you have, you never seem to have the piece you need.

For instance, what I need right now is something with a sort of rainbow colorishness, but not too crazy, you know? Actually, the dragonfly print I saw at the fabric store last week would work. I wonder if they sell that at their website. I’ll be right back.

[32 minutes later]

Well, the important thing about bad habits is that you learn to recognize them. For instance, once I realized that I was a little bit of a packrat, it made it much easier for me to start preventing future packratism, because I learned to stop buying quite so many useless little items. I’ve come a pretty long way, especially with the help of websites like Unclutterer. Speaking of Unclutterer, I need to bookmark some sites I clicked through to before I forget and close that browser window. BRB (be right back).

[17 minutes later]

Wow, that was a great article on time management and household organization. I’ve been dying to get our bedroom organized properly, but I think we need more storage space. Once you run out of drawers and hanger space, organization isn’t really going to help, you know? I think my biggest problem is all my yoga gear. Speaking of which, I need to leave for yoga in 12 minutes. No excuses. Must go to yoga.

[2 hours later]

Wish I’d made it to yoga. But that documentary was so engrossing! I’ll totally have to finish it sometime.

Now, back to the topic at hand. Bad habits. I definitely spoil my dog. And I’m a little bit of a control freak.

Speaking of which, the stamp on the package next to my desk is peeling off the envelope! Hello, postal service! I thought self-adhesive stamps were supposed to adhere? BRB.

[23 minutes later]

See, I really DID need to get those quilt blocks done, because I got my new sewing machine back from the repair place and I need to start using that again, but the seam sizes are different on the 1/4 inch presser feet, so since I started this quit on the old one, I have to finish it. I wonder why they make presser feet like that? I mean, a quarter inch is a quarter inch, right?

[14 minutes later]

Well, who knew? Sometimes a quarter inch is 5 millimeters and sometimes it’s 6 millimeters. A thousand conspiracy theories just ignited in my head. NOW who can concentrate on blogging?

[3 days later–Tuesday morning, 1 AM]

zomg stupid blog post! Forgot all about it! How was I to know I’d get sucked into watching the entire second season of “Shear Genius” on DVD? Love that Charlie! Anyway, forget it. Time to buckle down. Make it happen. Make it work, people, make it work!

Man, I love Tim Gunn. I have to make sure TiVo records the new season of Project Runway! I’d better go upstairs and do that… and have some milk and cookies. That’ll help me get back to sleep… when I’m done with my blog post, that is.

[19 minutes later]

All right. I’m focused. I’m present. I’m in the moment. I’m going to rock it. I’m going to do this thing.

…Wait, what was I doing, again?

~ Katie Alender

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    1. Well, Larramie, there must be some payoff… I guess the anxiety of worrying about when I’m actually going to work is compensated for by the excitement of constantly moving from activity to activity.

      Joelle, shhhhh! Even if you might be right.

      And thanks, Sarah!

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