The Debs come thisclose to getting a reality show

The 2010 Debs were almost contenders. Household names. We came so close to hitting the cover of People magazine, sitting down for an intimate chat with Oprah, and being forced to open extra bank accounts to cash all of our checks.

Except for a wee misunderstanding.

Here’s how it played out: Last November, I received an email that sent me into a tizzy involving medicinal gulps of wine, frantic phone calls, and fleeting thoughts about the possibility of minor plastic surgery. Below is the email I sent to my fellow Debs describing the incident.

Okay, I’ve been screaming with laughter all night. I got an unsolicited email a few hours ago from someone who said she was a TV producer and wanted to do a reality show on us Debs. I freaked out, called Alicia, we both Googled the woman and I learn she has won 2 emmys and worked with Ellen DeGeneres and Simon Cowell. Holy crap! She’s big-time!

My husband comes home and I shout, “Do you want to be on a reality show with me?”

He responds calmly, “Why not?” (I was hoping for a more impressed reaction).

I throw the baby at my husband, pour a glass of wine, perfect my pitch and call the producer back.

I’m 2 minutes into my spiel of why we would make a killer reality show — “There’s Maria – she’s sexy and fun and a big radio personality! And Alicia is an incredible self-taught musician and is married to another author! Emily lives in England and has a big two-book deal and homeschools her kids! Joelle has this incredible life – she’s married to a photographer and she’s so into sustainable living! And I write my books at Chuck E. Cheese while my kids whine for tokens!”

Producer woman cuts in – “Whoa. Wait a minute. I think my wires got crossed here. I’m trying to do a show on debutantes.”

Me: “Like with the gloves?’

Producer woman: “Yes.”

Me: “Oh.”

Producer woman:


Sounds of producer woman trying to get off the phone as fast as possible.

Man, we were so close to stardom!!!! It gets funnier and funnier the more I think about it.  As Alicia says, who in their right minds would think a TV show about writers would be riveting?

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