The Debutante Ball Welcomes Ellen Marie Wiseman!

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Ellen Marie Wiseman was born and raised in Three Mile Bay, a tiny hamlet in Northern New York, A first generation American, Ellen has traveled frequently to visit her family in Germany, where she fell in love with the country’s history and culture. She lives peacefully on the shores of Lake Ontario with her husband and three dogs.

Told from one of the best vantage points for witnessing the first cruelties and final ruin of the Third Reich—the German home front—THE PLUM TREE is an epic story of human resilience and enduring hope that follows a young German woman through the chaos of WWII as she tries to save the love of her life, a Jewish man.

Welcome Ellen, and thank you for taking the Deb Interview. First question: Where do you love to be?

Home. I grew up traveling, especially to Germany, and still love to go when I can. But there’s nothing like coming home to your own bed. For fifteen years, my husband and I had a 30 ft. motor home and we had a great time traveling around the country with our kids. The best thing about a motor home is that you take ‘home’ with you wherever you go. From Florida to Maine, we slept in our own bed and showered in our own bathroom. Unfortunately, our financial circumstances changed and we had to get rid of our motor home. We miss it tremendously, especially when we have to travel and stay in hotels. I can never sleep the first night.

What time of day do you love best?

I love evenings best, when my work is done and it’s time for a long walk, a home-cooked meal, a good book, or a few hours spent with my guilty pleasure (Bravo TV). Weekend evenings are even better because that’s when the hubby and I go to the movies, out to dinner with friends, or to visit our beautiful grandbabies. I like mornings too, especially when it’s snowing and I can make a cup of tea and cuddle beneath a blanket with my dogs while I write. Sunday mornings are good, too. Oh hell, any morning I wake up is a great one!

Tell us a secret about the main character in your novel — something that’s not even in your book.

Plum Tree CoverIn THE PLUM TREE, when Christine is sent to Dachau for hiding her Jewish boyfriend, a number is tattooed on her wrist. The number is a date, one that changed my life forever. It’s the day my sister suffered a severe head injury in a car accident. After two weeks on life support, she was left in a persistence vegetative state. My mother took care of her at home—for twenty-three years.   

Do you have any phobias?

Just one—flying. I’m not really afraid of anything else. I used to pick up spiders and snakes and chase my older brother around the yard. In our old farmhouse I used to catch the mice and take them out in the field to let them go. When the neighbor’s two-ton bull got loose, I led it home with a bucket of grain. My neighbor thought I’d lost my mind. Once I had to break up a fight between the neighbor’s untrained stallion and my gelding after the stallion jumped the fence and attacked my mare. When my grown son and his friends were working on a car in the garage, they came inside to get me to chase a possum out from behind some boards. I jump off boats in the middle of eighty-foot deep lakes. But even though I grew up going to Germany on a regular basis, I’m still afraid to fly. I’ll do it, but it’s hard for me.  

What’s your next big thing?

Book two is about a young woman who becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to the owner of an old steamer truck after finding hundreds of suitcases in the attic of an old asylum, luggage left behind by patients who checked into the institution but never checked out.

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  1. I am so excited Deb Amy sent the link on Twitter I’m out with kid activities all day. I’m excited to read this book the early reviews are so good.

  2. This is a wonderful book that I could not put down. Literally. I walked around with it so I could read anytime I had a few seconds to indulge in a paragraph or a page.

  3. Such an interesting book. Just when I thought I couldn’t add anymore to my TBR pile — I will have to make room for this one. Thanks for the info.

  4. A thousand thanks for inviting me to dance at the Deb ball! It’s such an honor to be here. I loved the questions and so enjoyed reading all of your wonderful comments! Thank you all for your kind words about THE PLUM TREE. I hope you’ll read and enjoy it! And thanks for all your support, sweet Amy. 🙂 It truly means so much. Thank you again to all the Debs for having me here!!

  5. Enjoyed the interview and learning more about Ellen and her book. I loved the book – it was one I couldn’t put down until it was over and hated it when it ended. The meaning of the tattoo really touched me. Looking forward to the next book.

  6. Ellen, an honor to have you here! Your next book has me salivating. Thanks for a great interview… can’t wait to read THE PLUM TREE!

  7. I saw this book in the store and was immediately drawn to it! Thanks for the interesting interview.

    Also, the second novel sounds absolutely FANTASTIC too.

  8. Wow! Thank you for all your kind comments! I hope all of you will let me know what you think of THE PLUM TREE! And please send me some good vibes while I work on the second book. LOL Thanks again!

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