The Journey So Far…

Now that we’ve chosen our lovely new class of debs and are getting close to handing them the reins/reigns, I have a terrible case of senioritis.

Do not try this at home.
Do not try this at home.

We’ve all debuted, the cotillion was glorious, my pristine white frock fit fine, my tiara was nice and shiny and I didn’t tumble over forward during my big curtsy. So. Who exactly is going to keep me from jumping into the lake in my dress, using my tiara like a frisbee or straying a little off this week’s topic (which is supposed to be The Writing Journey)? No one, that’s who!

What I do want to talk about is what comes next for us. More books, to be sure–the first ones were just too much fun to quit now. But where is that place between being debut authors and veteran authors, and what is it like to be there? I don’t have the answer. I know there is no eight-year-old (that is like, 105 in blog years) group blog boasting a dazzling list of illustrious alumni out there called The Sophomore Effort (although maybe there should be?). I know some of us already have those second books turned in to editors and are spending the advance money on good scotch and black stilettos even as we speak. I’m in a one book deal for GOOD LUCK GIRLS–that’s the publishing equivalent of co-piloting a Cessna–all very exhilarating unless you crash in the Alaskan wilderness and have to eat each other. Others are locked and loaded well into the future. In other words: They Are Under Deadline. And then we all have our day jobs. Just in case we get hungry for something beside scotch and shoe leather.

Since our debuts were acquired, our editors have changed companies, our publicists have gone back to grad school, our agents have changed, and our families too. We’ve had illness and heartbreak amongst us debs, and exhilaration and adventure too. In one case, one of us built a new business within days of launching a book. In another, a deb birthed a book and then a baby back-to-back, like twins. One of our publishers was conglomerated by another, another of them became a supergroup of publishers staring a flightless waterfowl, a heirloom chicken, and, probably, Beyonce. A president was elected, a hurricane hit, a flood too, and a new King of England was born.

It’s been quite a ride, with scenery that knocked us on our butts and lifted us up to the sky. And like Kerry said, you can get pretty darn focused on the destination. Publishing your debut, though, is watching your destination go flying by in the rear view mirror and finding out that there’s a whole new thing up ahead you want to see.

So what comes next for the 2013 Debutantes? I’m pretty excited to find out. Whatever it is, we’ll keep you posted.


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  1. You’re going to make me cry! Put this way, is there anything we HAVEN’T done this year?? I’m so proud and happy to have been part of this year with you, Kerry, Amy and Dana. I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.

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