The Lovely Giant of Aberdeen County, by Deb Eve

Deb Tiffany is the first of the firsts and is certainly starting the year off with a bang. Anyone who picks up THE LITTLE GIANT OF ABERDEEN COUNTY (and I predict that a whole lot of people will) cannot help but be awed by Tiffany’s writing. Clearly, our Deb Tiffany knows her way around the English language. Her descriptions are as as pure as her word choices are gorgeous. It took me twice as long to read The Little Giant as it should have because I had to stop and relish so many beautiful phrases.

But beautiful writing aside, Deb Tiffany has created a world inhabited with incredibly interesting and compelling characters. And while most of them are more than a bit quirky, there are traits in all of them that are so common we just might recognize them in ourselves or in those around us. Okay, perhaps no one we know is afflicted with acromegaly as is THE LITTLE GIANT’s Truly Plaice. But many of us struggle with something – or certainly we know someone who struggles with something – that makes us feel thick, graceless and like an outsider. Truly’s small town of Aberdeen seems to have more than its fair share of antagonists: the heartless Priscilla Sparrow and the often vile Dr. Robert Morgan among them. While “normal” sized to Truly’s “giant,” these two folks prove themselves to be dwarfed by Truly’s compassion. And whether we live in a small town or a giant city, we all know people like that. So as Tiffany Baker ravels and unravels the lives of her characters in Aberdeen County, we readers can’t help but see just a bit of our own lives in their story.

With THE LITTLE GIANT OF ABERDEEN COUNTY, Deb Tiffany sets the bar high for the rest of us and proves herself one tough act to follow. So now that it’s FINALLY out, go get a copy of THE LITTLE GIANT OF ABERDEEN COUNTY. I predict we will all be hearing more about this book, and hopefully, more from Tiffany Baker!

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  1. Well said, Eve! I’m expecting any day now to read that Tiffany’s book has hit the NY Times Bestseller list. So exciting!

  2. Thanks guys. Yes, I’m excited, but also really nervous! So thank you for all the support this week. It’s been wonderful.

  3. Tiffany, I can’t put your book down…someone glued it to my hand…it was funny until I tried to go to the bathroom…no, but really, I am enjoying meeting this odd group of characters, now enter me again.

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