The Truth Shall Set You Free (and other Write Lies) by Deb Mia

All right, all right. I’m going to ‘fess up here. As a writer and author on the brink of publication, I am constantly lamenting to anyone who will listen about how I don’t have enough time to write.

If only I had more time to write, my second novel would be done!

If only I had more time to write, my agent would see that I’m not a slacker, but someone with actual promise!

If only I had more time to write, I’d be on the way to quitting my day job and writing ALL OF THE TIME!!!

Ah, but the sad truth is, this is what my writing time looks like whenever I can actually squeeze it in:

Organize desk.

Oops, forgot to get water. Need to stay hydrated. Go to kitchen to get water. Or maybe tea? Green tea or herbal? Maybe just water. Ooh, lookee! Ginger ale! Do we have ice? Damn, no ice. Better make some ice.

Okay, finally ready to work. Man, my computer folders are a mess. Should really organize my computer folders so it will be easier to see where all of my work is.

Have I backed up my computer lately? It would totally suck if I lost all my writing. Better back it up before I forget.

Husband calls on cell phone. Wants to know if they can come home yet. Of course not! I’m writing, dammit!

Just pick up where you left off, Mia. Page 167. But you know, maybe this whole thing would work better in first person instead of third. POV is everything. Remember what happened with Memoirs of a Geisha?

Well, that didn’t work. Okay, back to third person.

Do I have clothes that need to go into the dryer? Is that red sweatshirt in the wash? I think it is. Shoot, if I don’t get it out, the color will seep through to the other clothes. Who gave us that stupid sweatshirt anyways?!

Oh, I just got an email. Somebody left a comment on my post! Sure I can read it in the email, but let’s go look anyway …

OK, come on, get back to work. Great, we’re writing, it’s flowing, FINALLY … what, it’s six o’clock?! How did it get so late? Please let there be a frozen pizza I can cook for dinner. I was JUST getting warmed up, too. Maybe I can squeeze in another 10 minutes … who’s that pulling up in the driveway? They’re back already?!!

So, while I’d rather be writing more than almost anything in the world (in concept), the truth is, it rarely happens. In any given week, I’d say I’m lucky if I end up writing two hours towards my next book.

How many hours a week do YOU actually end up writing?

8 Replies to “The Truth Shall Set You Free (and other Write Lies) by Deb Mia”

  1. My most recent writing “block” is that I need a new three-hole punch. And a shredder. So I should go to Staples after work today instead of going home to write. Because really, is it safe to create if I can’t punch the necessary holes in my new pages and destroy all evidence of the previous draft?

  2. I am SO into my shredder. I’m sure if I had Kristy’s Roomba, it would be right up there, too. Who has time to write when you’re being called to shred and Roomba? Priorities, priorities …

  3. Wow. You just described EXACTLY what happens when I sit down to write. It always starts with the big tea decision, which can take a full five minutes (ten if I decide to make a little snack to go with it…)

    I’d be very discouraged to actually sit down and calculate how many hours a week I truly spend on my new novel. I’m sure that well over half of my “writing time” is spent tea making, shredding, organizing, etc.

  4. Well, Mia, I’m not currently writing, but you just described the kind of thing that happens when I do practically anything. I’ve been working on my remodel and I’m just so tired of working on the final painting. So, when I plan to go work on it, I’m even more open to interruptions than usual, so I go to the basement and I’m near the washing machine, realize clothes are in the washer, move them to the dryer, remember that I really need to wash my son’s robe because he wiped his hands on it, go upstairs to get it, then find some other things to make a load, notice that I need to put something away… Sound about right? Your post made me smile!


  5. What about cleaning out the keyboard keys using bent paper clips, q-tips and air duster spray? If you haven’t discovered the joy of procrastinating that way, you’re missing out…

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