The Wrong Road Taken by Deb Eileen

There are two kinds of travelers. The first type is the planner. Planners approach trips with military precision. They head off knowing exactly what they want to see, what they will pack, what times various venues open and what they will take pictures of when they are there. They have detailed itineraries, perhaps even color coded, for each day of the trip.

The second type of traveler is a pantster. They fly by the seat of their pants. They rarely know where they are going or what they will do when they get there. Often they aren’t even sure where they are at the present moment. These are the kind of people who unpack at their destination and discover they have three pairs of black shoes, but no panties.

I am the second type of traveler. On vacation I wake up with no clear idea of what I want to see. I’ve found some pretty neat things this way. A turn down a side street that might lead to a great restaurant, a park and amazing view. When you have no place you have to be at any particular time you can meet some pretty interesting people.

It’s been my experience that sometimes taking the wrong turn can lead you to exactly the right place.

I never planned to be a part of a group blog. Heck, I didn’t even know Kristy was planning a dance. I stumbled into the party, but once I arrived I knew I wanted to stay. It’s been a privilege to dance the past year with these women and I look forward to hanging around a bit longer. You can learn a lot by traveling with someone. You find out if they are the kind of person to freak out over any challenge or if they’re the kind of person who can make any situation an adventure. The road to publication has been quite the trip- and I couldn’t have picked five better traveling partners. Anna, Tish, Kristy, Jennifer and Mia- not to mention all of you who comment on a regular basis- I would road trip with you anytime- just say the word.

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6 Replies to “The Wrong Road Taken by Deb Eileen”

  1. *sigh* Well, here we go, ladies!

    You’d be my first pick for a road trip, Eileen. Heaven knows you’d keep me laughing. I can’t wait to see Unpredictable on the shelves, and I’ll be around to help keep you sane along with the fabulous new Debs.

  2. Dear, sweet and most unpredictable Eileen is going to help us all get on with The Ball. Combine that selflessness with her talent and there’s no doubt that come February she’ll be justly rewarded. And we’ll have one incredible party/reunion here on that debut day. Until then, though, I thank her.

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