Today, finally, my book has been published.

Today my book They Could Have Named Her Anything is finally out!

When I first started writing this novel, I couldn’t really imagine anyone else reading it. I certainly didn’t think of myself as an “author” yet.

I’m proud of how far my mindset has changed–I’m no longer afraid to put my ideas into the world. I’m especially proud of not giving up on sending out my book to agents and editors, even when I felt discouraged. And I’m proud to have so many wonderful people around me who have supported my work, and made me feel my voice was important.

I’ve been lucky to write essays, get on some cool lists both domestically and internationally, and even have my book be recommended for certain horoscope signs (can you guess which?). And there’s only more to come.

It’s seems amazing that people are going to finally interact with the characters, ideas, and settings that for so long have been wandering around the halls of my brain.

Thank you so, so much for following along as I blogged here on the Debutante Ball, and even bigger thanks and abrazos to the women authors here, Devi, Layne, Kai, and Martine, who have made this blog so wonderful, so supportive, and such a lovely place to experience publishing a book for the first time with.

And hopefully, if you’re in NYC or LA, I’ll see you at one of my events soon!!

Author: Stephanie Jimenez

Stephanie Jimenez is a former Fulbright recipient and Prep for Prep alumna. She is based in Queens, New York, and her work has appeared in The Guardian, O! the Oprah Magazine, Entropy, and more. Her debut novel, THEY COULD HAVE NAMED HER ANYTHING, will be published in the summer of 2019 (Little A). Follow her @estefsays.