True Confessions of an Epic TBR Stack

This is my To Be Read Stack.


Oh, wait, did you think I meant this is my only TBR stack?


What I meant to say was, this is the TBR stack that lives on top of the other TBR stacks. In the room that is, in fact, just one giant TBR stack of books.

Here are some true confessions about my own personal library:

  1. I haven’t read much in the past six months. I have been so distracted by all things book-launch, plus writing my own book 2, and trying to balance those two things with my day job and my family and friends, and I haven’t made as much time for reading as I want and need.
  2. During those dry spells when I am not reading, I CANT STOP BUYING BOOKS. I actually think I buy MORE books if I am not reading. It’s a weird sickness. This year I had the excuse of going to many author readings to see how it is done, and of course I am always going to buy the author’s book and get it signed (along with two other novels, but we don’t need to talk about that right now.)
  3. There are enough books in my apartment right this minute, to keep me reading probably until my death. That has never stopped me from buying books.
  4. I bought several novels while at my own book readings.
  5. I always buy debut author’s hardcovers, because I want to be a tiny part of their success, even if I have the ARC.

Now that the thrilling adventure of launching THE CITY BAKER’S GUIDE TO COUNTRY LIVING is behind me, and the book is happily settled on bookstore shelves, I am very much looking forward to a life of reading. Now, which one will I pick…..

Author: Louise Miller

Louise Miller is the author of THE CITY BAKER'S GUIDE TO COUNTRY LIVING (Pamela Dorman Books/Viking/August 9, 2016), the story of a commitment-phobic pastry chef who discovers the meaning of belonging while competing in the cut-throat world of Vermont county fair baking contests. Find out more at

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  1. Thanks for all the encouragement to know that I am not alone in this experience! I feel so happy to be surrounded by books from authors I have become friends with – although we have never met – its a comforting feeling to have their words living in my house! Yes, glad to know this will be a lifetime experience even if I don’t buy another book – which of course is ridiculous!

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