Yes, There Is a Book Two

a2f78aa15ca4938caf214b0bcc5f5510I’m sorry this post is late today. I’ve been battling with new Comcast equipment all week and it’s been quite the happy little war. It’s not easy being the nerd in the house.

So second books is on the agenda this week. Second books. Second books. Do you know how many people write a first book and never write a second one? There’s a huge dropoff between first and second books as well as second and third books. It happens. And I’ve been working hard to make sure it doesn’t happen to me.

I got off to a false start with Book Two. There was something there, it was just the totally wrong approach. So I took a step back and got to it through another door. And now I’m cooking with gas, just a lot later on than I should have.

But a very wise woman, who used to be a literary agent, once told me: It’s better that it’s better than sooner. And she’s right. So I’m holding that bit of wisdom close as I plunge through Book Two. I’m shooting for a mid-September deadline of getting enough chapters to my agent that she can work her magic in the deal-making world. I know I’ve said it before, but I adore my agent. I trust her to tell me the truth whether it’s “this novel isn’t working” or “I LOVE, LOVE this.” Every writer deserves an agent they trust and will tell them when they’re on the right track.

So the next month is going to be a bit frantic, but I’m actually looking forward to it. There’s something about an all-consuming project that I look forward to, immersing myself in work. It’s cleansing to focus like that.

Wish me luck!

Author: Shelly King

Shelly is the author of THE MOMENT OF EVERYTHING, story of love and books in Silicon Valley. She lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains with her husband, two big dogs, and a disapproving cat.

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  1. I feel like we’re writing soulmates — especially with book 2. Sending you good writing vibes and I know you’ll get that deal in September — or whenever you’re done with your chapters. Yay to it’s better to be better than sooner! My new mantra.

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