Deb Eleanor Thinks People Are Awesome

People are awesome.

Every single day, people are creating amazing things, and they’re sharing them with us.

Someone made Garfield Minus Garfield, “a site dedicated to removing Garfield from the Garfield comic strips in order to reveal the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle.”

Garfield Minus Garfield comic strip

The folks at Catalog Living looked at the often bizarre photographs in their Restoration Hardware catalogs and build a whole site dedicated to celebrating the ridiculousness.

Catalog Living sample imageWe’re so happy you could visit!  The room’s all made up for you, and I ripped out some pages of my favorite book and taped them to your wall in case you’re like me and enjoy reading before bed.

The folks at took Kanye West’s unhinged apology to Taylor Swift for disturbing her acceptance speech at the VMAs and made this amazing song:

Students at Shorewood High School took a great Hall & Oates song and made this video that had my jaw dropping the entire time:

Over at Etsy, people will knit you a cover for your iPod Nano, or sew you a sleep mask out of fabric with cupcakes on it,  or make you coasters featuring artwork from The Empire Strikes Back.

Coasters with artwork from The Empire Strikes Back Knitted case for iPod Nano Sleep mask with cupcake fabric

And do you know why people do all these things?  Because we are all creative and gifted and brilliant and awesome, and we want to make each other happy.

Share something creative or clever that you or someone else has done in the comments, won’t you?

16 Replies to “Deb Eleanor Thinks People Are Awesome”

  1. Until now, I had never heard of Garfield Minus Garfield, and I fear that nothing until now had meaning.

    It’s brilliant.

    And OMG, I just watched the Shorewood video. The choreography and the production was astounding, but what REALLY amazed me was how in the world any group of high school kids — the video geeks no less! (and I use that term with sincere respect) — got that many of their classmates to work together on something. I am in awe and very, very happy.

  2. Garfield minus Garfield is dark, isn’t it? Can they make me a sleep mask with photos of Jon Hamm on it so I can dream of beefcake instead of cupcakes? Sometimes there is great creativity in my house. It usually involves carpet cleaner and yellow gloves – I prefer the Etsy loot!

  3. I found Catalog Living courtesy of 2009 Deb Katie Alender, and I lurve it…

    One of my favorite gift stories is when we were poor and didn’t have cable but my husband loved the Cartoon Network show Dexter’s Laboratory, and his brother taped a whole bunch of episodes on VHS as a Christmas gift. What a thoughtful present!

    1. It makes me laugh on a daily basis. has replaced it as my current favorite, but I do love me some Catalog Living.

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