Fiction Hotties by Deb Jenny

Disclaimers: I really don’t pay much attention to pictures of authors and I’m rarely around male authors so I apologize that I’m not on the trail of author hotties. Had I been able to attend Book Expo (in LA,no less, land of the fabulous) I’d have definitely kept my eyes open for such a phenomena. But I stayed home for my son’s high school graduation, so I guess I will remain cloaked in ignorance about publishing’s latest greatest hotties, be that looks-wise or buzz-wise.

However, I will give you my three quick hotties (as opposed to hot quickies) for varying reasons of hottiness.

First off, I really love Jonathan Tropper’s writing. If you haven’t read his book Everything Changes, you are missing out. His wit and pathos combine in an unbeatable book. I suspect he really will be a hot author soon because he recently signed an enviable book contract, so when those books show up in stores you’ll hear a lot more of him.

Second, this is purely a rugged good looks-hottie because I don’t know his prose. I’ll pick Barry Eisler. Now, I don’t know the guy at all. I met him briefly last year at a book festival at which I had a fun and engaging conversation with his lovely wife, agent Laura Rennert. I haven’t read his books because I just don’t really read his genre (spy stuff), but I hear they’re terrific. He and his wife make a very adorable couple, by the way.

And lastly, I know this is copping out. Okay, so I’m a cop-out. But I’ll give you John Grisham. Of course he’ll always be hot as far as what’s selling. And he’s always been a pretty good-looking author. But I’m giving him my hot-medal because he’s also a pretty nice guy, is generous and charitable and keeps a low profile and doesn’t outwardly give one the impression that he’s let his enormous success get to his head. And I’ve spent time with his delightful daughter on numerous occasions when she was in high school and she’s just as sweet as can be, and I tend to think the apple usually doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Plus, John and I share the same initials. We’re practically simpatico!

Oh, wait. One more hot author, and she’s hot both ways: Meg Cabot. How one woman can write so many books (she’s had to have written at least 50 in several genres) and still stay on top of her game and not get stale is beyond me. And on top of that, she’s gorgeous, funny and as nice as they come. She’s the trifecta hottie, in that case.

So there you have it. Hot, according to Jen. For what it’s worth!


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I might not be able to reply to comments till later today, but I’d like to know who you think is hot, so please, do comment, and I’ll be sure to reply when I get a chance!

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  1. “Hot” would be discovering Meg Cabot’s secret. Not only does she write — seemingly a book a week — but she gets 8 hours of sleep every night as well and that’s “cool!” 😉

  2. Gail–um, very possibly if you want to read him because he’s handsome LOL. But we’ll forgive you (b/c I’ve thought about this as well ha ha). Though I have close insiders from that former career of his who say he’s very accurate and the books are terrific

  3. Meg I think is destined to be herself. When I met Nora (Dame Nora~ no last name required) i felt as if she was put on the planet to fulfill this one particular thing that she does, and that’s all there was to that, and she was doing it with style and grace…. yes That Nora -Roberts! Same with Meg, only she’s younger and cuter (okay everyone that is younger is cuter LOL- Nora knows that)

    Ditto on the Johnathan Tropper book. Just so very fine. Suz

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