The 20 Hottest Authors Alive by Deb Lisa Daily

Fifteen Minutes of ShameI’m not sure who came up with this idea, but I think it’s pure genius.
If it was me, I was probably drooling over a photo of John Grisham at the time, whom I have had a crush on since college.

In no particular order, my picks for 20 Hottest Authors are:
Kristen Harmel (Hell-o, the woman is so hot even Patrick Dempsey noticed.)
Adena Halpern
Hank Philippi Ryan
Maggie Marr
Meg Cabot
Michael Alvear
Emily Giffin
Sophie Kinsella
Michael Chabon
Eric Jerome Dickey

Barack Obama. (Whatever your politics may be, the man has a way with words. And a suit. )

Mitch Albom. (Not only a talented writer, but also an excellent drummer.)

I think movie star authors should probably be exempt from this list, but a special exception must be made for Evan Handler. Super Hot.

And of course, my fellow debs, Jenny, Jess, Gail, Danielle and Eileen. Hot, hot, hot. Nobody rocks a tiara like Deb Eileen. Obviously.

Did I miss anybody? Who do you think should be on the 20 Hottest Authors list?

Deb Lisa

Author: Lisa Daily

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  1. Larramie-

    You are too sweet 🙂 What a nice thing to say! I’m sitting here in my pajamas (at noon, good thing this is acceptable working attire for a writer) not feeling especially hot, so your comment made my day.

    The smiles are great:-) thanks!



  2. I’ve always thought he was funny, and pretty yummy — loved him in that show (It’s Like, You Know) with the girl from Dirty Dancing. The show was quite hilarious, but I think only me and a girl in Duluth were watching, so it was cancelled. Also thought he was great in Sex & the City, and now I am a total Californication fan. If I didn’t adore Jenny Bent so much, I’d want him for my agent. Even though he’s not actually an agent.


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