My Hot 20 by Deb Danielle Younge-Ullman

For me, talent is one of the biggest factors in making someone ‘hot’ and so is generosity. These are the two factors I used for this list, with slightly more weight given for talent–ie everyone on the list is talented and some are also people I know to be very generous. (Please note that many of these authors are also physically hot and a few of them also create work that is hot, in the steamy sense.)

In no particular order…
1. Ann-Marie MacDonald
2. John Irving
3. A.M. Homes
4. Jodi Picoult
5. Meg Tilly
6. Anne Michaels
7. Barbara Kingsolver
8. Augusten Burroughs
9. Wally Lamb
10. Marian Keyes
11. Ellen Sussman
12. Elizabeth Gilbert
13. Diana Gabaldon
14. Guy Gavriel Kay
15. Jon Clinch
16. Tish Cohen
17. Kristy Kiernan
18. Lolly Winston
19. Jeffery Deaver
20. My fellow debs, Jenny Gardiner, Eileen Cook, Lisa Daily, Jess Riley & Gail Konop Baker–I hope they don’t mind sharing the spot since my list was quite long!

Anyone want to agree or contest? Want to add to the list?

Deb Danielle

20 Replies to “My Hot 20 by Deb Danielle Younge-Ullman”

  1. You’re welcome, Tish! I can’t wait to read Inside Out Girl.

    Cindy, that’s true, the list is quite female heavy. If it were a list of “hot dead authors”, it would have more men on it, since I have quite a few dead, male favs.

  2. Excellent list, D! I’m honored to be included. 🙂 (Although I am decidedly NOT hot at the moment, in my grungy workout wear & ponytail.)

    I laughed out loud at your comment, “I have quite a few dead, male favs.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in print ANYWHERE. (And you know the line about the dead author!)

  3. Love your factors or making this list, Danielle, and would add Amy MacKinnon — debuting with TETHERED on August 12th!

    Also, it feels great to see Tish here. 🙂

  4. Glad you like my list, Jess. And I’m sure you’re still hot in your workout wear. (remember, I’m using talented and generous as my barometers, lol)

    Maybe we should add a 20 Hottest Dead Authors topic for July or August? Mind you, “dead” and “hot” are an odd combo.

  5. Larramie, I agree Amy is hot, but I haven’t read TETHERED yet and I kept the list to authors whose work I’ve read. Maybe we’ll have to update the list in a few months after some of the exciting upcoming debuts!

  6. Whew! I made the list. We have quite a few in common. And I would agree with Larramie that with Amy’s book coming out she’ll be added to the next list

  7. You and me both, Joanne! I LOVE his writing.

    Eileen–I love talking books and can’t wait to see your list.

  8. I would have Christopher Moore and Paul Quarrington on my list. If you haven’t read any of their stuff…go out a get some! Very funny! I recommend Whale Music by Paul Quarrington and Lamb by Christopher Moore. Hot talent/hot humour. And Danielle would be on my list too – I haven’t read Falling under but I sure do enjoy her blogs!!

  9. Tish, we DO love Larramie. She makes the list of hot bloggers, for sure.

    Sheila, I forgot Christopher Moore–I love him! Haven’t read PQ yet, but I trust your taste.

    Lisa, yes to Oscar Wilde!

  10. Danielle,

    Every now and then when I have a little time or am procrastinating in the morning rather than working on my manuscript, I click on the Deb. website. Yes, I have you on my favorites, and check out how all of you guys are doing. Read about your successes and disappointments, find myself nodding my head and saying, “yes, that’s exactly how that feels,” keeping my fingers crossed for you and your books.

    But I have to tell you Danielle, I never thought, could have possibly imagined, that I would ever read my name on the same list as the other writers you included. I was, am still, stunned, touched. You are crazy of course, but never mind that. I am very, very moved. Thank you Danielle.

    I shall miss all of you when the next set of deb’s move in. -Meg xo

  11. Aw, Meg. So nice to “see” you here and lovely to know you’re keeping tabs on us. You are hugely talented and also very generous so OF COURSE you are on my Hot 20 list.

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