Happy Book Birthday to The Glass Wives

I am privileged this morning to invite you to party week here at the Deb Ball, where we are celebrating the release of The Glass Wives by one of our illustrious Debs – Amy Sue Nathan. I’m sure you’d like to see a picture of the cover, so let’s start there:

Glass Wives_final cover

Very pretty, isn’t it? Sort of peaceful and companionable. But appearances can be deceiving.

Evie and Nicole Glass share a last name. They also shared a husband.

“When a tragic car accident ends the life of Richard Glass, it also upends the lives of Evie and Nicole, and their children. There’s no love lost between the widow and the ex. In fact, Evie sees a silver lining in all this heartache—the chance to rid herself of Nicole once and for all. But Evie wasn’t counting on her children’s bond with their baby half-brother, and she wasn’t counting on Nicole’s desperate need to hang on to the threads of family, no matter how frayed. Strapped for cash, Evie cautiously agrees to share living expenses—and her home—with Nicole and the baby. But when Evie suspects that Nicole is determined to rearrange more than her kitchen, Evie must decide who she can trust. More than that, she must ask: what makes a family?”

The awesome reviews are already piling up for Deb Amy’s novel. This one, by Shine, Shine, Shine author Lydia Netzer hits the nail right on the head, as far as I am concerned:

“Reading The Glass Wives is like driving down a familiar street and having one of the houses you thought you knew open up on hinges to reveal its secrets. Nathan firmly but with good humor peels back the layers of suburban “normal” to reveal ethical ambiguity under a publicly rigid moral code and tenuous bonds between strangers under strict definitions of family. Evie Glass is the neighbor you want to know all about, and her story is told with charm and frankness to create an illustration of friendship and motherhood that feels very real.”—Lydia Netzer, author of Shine, Shine, Shine

I would add to this only that Amy excels at capturing on the page a realistic process of grief in all of its manifestations. Her depiction of friendships between women is equally real and from the heart.

As part of the fun this week, we are offering up a copy of The Glass Wives to one lucky commenter. All you have to do to win is show up here at the Ball and comment on the posts. The more you comment, the better your chance of winning! And you know you want a copy of this lovely book for your very own.

That said – why wait? The Glass Wives is available now for pre-order, and officially releases tomorrow.

We’d love it if you would drop a comment below to congratulate Amy on the birthday of her first book!!!


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  1. Congratulations, Deb Amy! THE GLASS WIVES sounds like a positively delicious read, and I can’t wait to dive in! Enjoy the heck out of your debut week. 😀

    1. Thank you, Linda! I am enjoying it all (with some anxiety too!) especially since there have been TGW sightings since Saturday! I think I’ll still feel “published” on the official day tomorrow. It still seems like a fairy tale.

    2. I have no words because the puirctes took my breath away. Sam this is your thing. Aside from the fact that the baby is crazy adorable, the shots are natural and I love how he appears to be looking at me. Do you get what I’m saying? Its like whoever is viewing the puirctes is in the room with the baby and that the camera was never there. My favorite shots are the Luke letters with him being the K. Him reaching for the camera is awesome. And him laying down after the pic with his name. I love close tight, close shots. Love it Sam! You inspire me lolGod Bless,M

  2. Woot!! The week is here! Cheers and congrats and toasts a plenty for you, Amy, dear! I’ll be looking forward to immersing myself into Evie and Nicole’s story and wishing you a glorious launch week!!

  3. Congratulations, Amy. The book sounds interesting :).

    Is this open world wide(I´m in Germany)? If not, ignore my comment in the contest 🙂

    1. my peace on that.. next slide.. everyone is not aywlas doing it’ never been true, never will be true so i agree with this. dorms can be haunted, the one i used to live in was at a lot of schools you CAN leave class after 10 minutes if the professor doesnt show up. and lastly skipping class is generally a waste of money but there have been necessary occasions when i took a personal day’ and studied all day for the next days test that i wasnt quite prepared for and it paid off, i got an A. Overall, everyone’s experience is different, use your common sense but have fun and enjoy yourself

  4. Wow!! It’s really been party central here today!!! So happy for you, Amy. Can’t wait for my copy to show up so I can put you on my “I actually know this author” shelf!!

  5. Hooray, Amy!!! Thank you again for the interview at my blog\, and I wish you great success with this week’s launch of THE GLASS WIVES!

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