I Could Have Danced All Night by Founder Tish

I’ve never been one for drawn-out goodbyes, especially when I have children and dogs running into the room full of delicious ideas, like blueberry pancakes and long walks in the snow. I just want to say to my fellow founders, I’ve loved getting to know you all. It was heaven having others to share in the publication process. I wish you the very best and hope we’ll stay in touch. To this year’s Debs, enjoy your debut moment, try to stay relaxed, and enjoy this, your first book. To all the loyal Deb readers–you guys are the best. Your support helped get me through a very wild year, so thank you for everything!

As for me, I’m spending most of my time camped out by the fire on my living room floor, writing a new book. For me, there is no better way to pass my days. THE ONE AND ONLY ZOE LAMA will be out in July and INSIDE OUT GIRL in August, and is about an overprotective mother, her teenage daughter besotted by the girl next door and a man hiding a terrible secret–and how their lives are changed forever by a learning-disabled 10-year-old girl who desperately needs a hero.. In Canada, the mass-market paperback version of TOWN HOUSE will be released with P.S. pages at the back.

Come mid-January, you will also be able to find me writing a weekly serial on a brand new website (a sort of Youtube/Facebook for the horse world) called barnmice.com. I hope you’ll stop by, my saga is to be something of a Desperate Housewives in a luxurious international stable. Here’s a little teaser…

UNBRIDLED, a salacious and hay-covered weekly saga set in a most sumptuous North America stable.
-Threadbare Aubusson rugs in the barn loo.
-A dust-coated Monet in the tack room.
-Five tinkling Austrian crystal chandeliers in the viewing room.

Which begs the question –who is swinging from them?

Maxim – a wealthy, preening, milquetoast of an international hunter/jumper star who owns the barn. Walks with a swagger from who-knows-what. Heads roll if Maxim cannot see his own preening reflection in the sheen of his boots. Specifically, Gelden’s.
Hillary – Maxim’s flaxen-haired goddess of an unappreciated wife. Has four Bedlington Terrier’s, all of whom have the word “Lamb” in their names, one of whom chewed up the precious Persion rug in the viewing room. If Hillary has a flaw, it has yet to be found.
Gelden – the romantically castrated, stable manchild hopelessly besotted with Hillary. He’s 90% sure she feels the same way. Maxim is his much-despised 2nd cousin. They shared a playpen as infants. Now Gelden lives in an claptrap apartment above Maxim’s quarantine Barn.
Pammie – Gelden’s co-worker. Spends way too much time thinking about how many cinnamon rolls are left in the tack room. Is rumored to have enjoyed a drunken romp with Gelden in a temporary show stall in Santa Barbara. Gelden doesn’t remember. Pammie can’t forget.
Bounder – Pammie’s randy lurcher of unknown origins. Has bedded each of Hillary’s “Beds.” A scoundrel of a dog willing to swipe his own mistress’s last cinnamon crumb.

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  1. Tish- I wouldn’t wanted to have done it without you. I wish you all the best with your career- it sounds like you are well on your way. Can’t wait for the new Zoe book.

  2. If it weren’t for you I would never have ended up here, so I am forever grateful that you tipped me off that Kristy was searching for a new group. I bet you’re excited to be moving on in the process, now an established author with even more books in the hopper–awesome awesome awesome!
    We’d love to have you back for a visit any time, so keep that in mind. And have fun with the barn mice–it sounds entertaining!

  3. A regular weekly visit with these characters will be wonderful, Tish and I’ll spread the word at Seize a Daisy. Also the movie magic starts to roll on TOWN HOUSE as your debut year turns the calendar page into a career and I’m anxious to read it all! Thank you so much.

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