News Flash! August 19, 2007

Deb News! Deb Lisa’s book FIFTEEN MINUTES OF SHAME (PLUME, MARCH 2008) received a fabulous endorsement from best selling author CLARE NAYLOR (LOVE: A USERS GUIDE and THE FIRST ASSISTANT) this week — “I was instantly hooked on Darby’s life which had me laughing and cheering her on as she gets mad AND even.”

Deb News! Deb Danielle’s book FALLING UNDER (PLUME, AUGUST 2008) received a wonderful endorsment from Founding Deb, TISH COHEN, author of Town House. “As heartfelt as it is tragic, FALLING UNDER tells the touching story of an artist’s childhood crippled by divorce and emotional neglect. A fearless, penetrating debut.”

Founding Deb News! Founder Tish Cohen appears in today’s Toronto Star in the Entertainment section discussing the recent Variety article announcing TOWN HOUSE beginning film production in January. Online (photoless) version here:

TOWN HOUSE was also featured on this week.

Deb Friends!
Deb friend and fellow Backspacer Heather Brewer released her much-heralded YA vampire story, The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd: Eighth Grade Bites, this week, with a cool trailer, a window display at a local B&N and lots of great expectations! Congrats Heather!

Another Deb friend and fellow Backspacer, Patricia Wood’s recently-released Lottery has garnered glowing reviews from the Washington Post, the New York Times and USA Today. Congratulations Pat!

And yet another Deb friend and fellow Backspacer has a YA book out to great reviews: Adrienne KressAlex and the Ironic Gentleman. Congrats Toothpaste!