News Flash! May 6, 2007

Debs Talking to Debs! Deb Mia is yakking it up with Deb Tish the day before THE day. Join in the conversation at Mia Musings this Monday. As for recipes, we have Jack’s substitute salad dressing from the scene where he tries to convince his son’s girlfriend that he’s a normal father. Do you really want to miss that?

Friends of the Debs! The Debs are thrilled to announce that Friend of the site Gail Konop Baker‘s memoir “CANCER IS A BITCH, Reflections on Midlife, Mortality, Motherhood and Marriage” sold to Da Capo Books and will be published in October 2008! Congratulations, Gail, we always knew it would happen! 

Deb Does LA! Deb Tish will kick off her book launch with her first signing at the famed Book Soup in West Hollywood on May 8th at 7 pm alongside none other than Rex Pickett, author of Sideways and great friend to the underdog protagonist. If you’re in town, please sidle on over. Hello, Deb Anna? Our meeting in person could be a Debutante First!

unpredictable-thumb.jpgDebs Redux! As faithful readers know, Deb Eileen’s novel was promoted to Berkley’s lead title for Spring 2008. Along with that amazing honor came a new title as well as new cover art! So, presenting Eileen Cook’s UNPREDICTABLE, February, 2008! Wahoo, it’s beautiful, Eileen!

Debs in the News! Deb Tish will appear in a feature article in The Orange County Register, one of California’s largest newspapers, on Thursday May 10th as she goes home to the OC for a combination book signing/high school reunion. She promises not to pull out the taffeta prom dress.

Debs on the Web! Sally Powell of I Love A Mystery had some awfully nice things to say about PROMISE NOT TO TELL: “This is Jennifer McMahon’s first novel and it’s a stunner.  The story is mesmerizing, the characters never hit a false note…. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”  PROMISE NOT TO TELL has also been honored with an appearance on the Page 69 Test — check it out!

Debs in Italy! Deb Tish has just learned that Town House will be released in Italy this September under the title, “A Song for Lucinda.” Which is so beautiful and so apropos for the story, Deb Tish could just weep.

Do It Again, Deb, Do It Again! Deb Kristy is purty darn pleased to announce that CATCHING GENIUS is in its third, or um, maybe fourth, printing. She’s sleuthing for the exact number this week, she swears!

It’s A Deb Tish Kind of Week! Which, considering TOWN HOUSE officially debuts on Tuesday is exactly how it should be! The official TOWN HOUSE page is now up and running on The Debutante Ball. Go have a gander and join us in congratulating Tish on this most exciting of accomplishments!

Promising Developments!  Debutante Jennifer McMahon’s PROMISE NOT TO TELL is now officially a bestseller!  PROMISE hit the USA Today list (which combines fiction, nonfiction, hardcover & paperback) at # 132.  It’s also been doing well at Barnes and Noble, hovering in the 20s and 30s on their Hourly Top 100 (which measures online sales), and towards the top of the Daily Top 10 By Subject (which includes online and brick-and-mortar sales) in both “Psychological Suspense” and “Horror” all week.  A fourth print run for the book has been approved, to keep up with demand.  Heartfelt thank yous to every soul who has parted with their hard-earned money to buy Deb Jennifer’s little book!

Debs on Film! Photos of Deb Kristy’s book tour and visit to the Southern Kentucky Book Fest are posted on her website under, well, “Photos” of course!

8 Replies to “News Flash! May 6, 2007”

  1. Amazing news for everyone, though hardly unexpected! So Mia gets a recipe out of Jack Madigan and Kristy could use some help from Estella on the number of print runs. 🙂 Then Jennifer’s “little book” hits the big time and one only wonders what Tish will do…?

  2. Serendipity that Mia was the first of the Debutantes and her novel was titled “Good Things,” a portent of things to come for all the Debs. The Writers’ Group told everyone within earshot at the Muse writers’ conference about The Debs, but of course many there already knew about you. A FOURTH printing of Catching Genius? Bestseller status for Promise Not to Tell? Another book sold for Mia? Anna with a NYT’s Modern Love clip under her belt? A gorgeous new cover and LEAD title for Eileen? Tish, you must be crying all the way to the bookstore with all of your good news.

    All Good Things. Congratulations.

  3. Wow, so MUCH great news. Congratulations, Debs! I checked out your pics, Kristy and really enjoyed them. Has anyone nominated you for hot babes in publishing yet? And thanks again, Debs, for mentioning my news! Gail

  4. Congratulations to my fellow Debutantes, I am so very thrilled for each of you. And thank you to our faithful readers as well as our faithful commenters: you have gotten us here. And just think, there’s more to come… we still have three more debuts!!

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