5 Great Gifts for Book Lovers

imgresSTOP. Seriously. Stop what you’re doing. I see you over there, absent-mindedly buying that Amazon gift card for the book lover on your list, because you are BURNED OUT on gift buying. (And I get it. At this point, the people on my list that I’m not done buying for are getting a hug. Not even necessarily a heartfelt one.) But before you hit that annoyingly easy and dangerous “Buy With 1-Click” button, check out these five awesome gifts that you can also buy with a click (OK, maybe two clicks. But still).

This tote. Every book lover knows that you can’t go into a bookstore or library and leave with just one book. This great “I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie” (get it? get it??) will let them carry as many books as they can buy/check out, while also showing other book lovers how cheekily clever they are. Win-win. $19.99 on Modcloth.com.

These framed book quotes. Who doesn’t love Pride and Prejudice? And by that, I mean, who doesn’t love Mark Darcy? And by that, I mean, who doesn’t love Colin Firth when he says “You have bewitched me body and soul. And I love… I love… I love you.” *SWOON*. I love you too, Colin. Er, I mean Mr. Darcy. This Etsy seller paints well-known quotes on the actual pages from the books they appear in and frames them and they are perfect. Almost as perfect as Colin Firth. $40 on Etsy.com

On Writing by Stephen King. Do you know a book lover who also writes books? If he or she hasn’t read this one, do them a favor and buy it for them. Trust me. $13 at most indie bookstores and the chains.

This book light. I have a friend who sits at the end of her son’s crib at night after she’s put him to bed and uses her iPhone as a flashlight to read books, while the rest of her family thinks she’s still putting her son to bed. It’s the only peace and quiet she gets all day and it’s GENIUS. But the iPhone light isn’t the best to read by, so if you have a mom friend that also needs to sneak in her reading time, buy her the Zelco Itty Bitty Slim Book Light, which Slate says is the best booklight in their independent test. $30 from Sharper Image.

Decoding Italian Wine by Andrew Cullen and Ryan McNally. Have you ever met a book lover that doesn’t love wine? Me neither. Combining the two is kind of the whole reason book clubs were invented. This new guide also combines books and wine in this informative and fun read that takes the snobbery and mystery out of Italian wine labels. Pair it with a bottle of vino, and you’ll have a book lover friend for life. $9 on Amazon.

What’s the best book-related gift you’ve ever gotten? Share in the comments!

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  1. My hubby and kids bought me the Collector’s edition of Beetle the Bard that Amazon published. It’s a tiny book in a velvet bag, hidden inside a larger book, and it may be the coolest gift I’ve ever gotten!

  2. On Writing is one of my favorite books period and I give it to everyone! I love the part where he talks about being in his apartment with the news about the paperback advance he’s getting for Carrie (it’s huge!) knowing his wife and kids are on their way and he has this news to tell them. Love, love, love it.

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