An Ode To Bread! And Cheese! And Cookie Dough!

There are twenty more days of lent to go and I am STARVING…and failing. For the Holy Season, I decided to try going paleo, which involves giving up process foods, focusing mostly on meats and veggies. Hard to do when you constantly out and about or making appearances at book festivals, where they serve nothing but sandwiches, chips, and cookies. And cheese! Who knew cheese lived in everything! I ordered a kale salad the other day that came with parmesan on top. Once a day I am forced to cave into temptation. Cheese and bread are the most delicious inventions of man, which my love has no bounds. But the one thing I’ve been able to avoid is cookie dough, which is a feat in and of itself. Cookie dough was my LIFE LINE while writing #allegedly (probably the reason for my weight gain as well). How much do I love cookie dough? I named my LLC Cookie Dough Productions. Yeah, I love it that much. The past twenty days, I’ve had to deal with a sick dog, jealous authors, edits, a breakup, freezing cold temperatures… ALL WITHOUT COOKIE DOUGH. I deserve a cookie for not murdering someone by now but I can’t one! *cries*

I had no idea how much I relied on food as a source of comfort during the publishing process. Not being able to gorge on my favorite snacks, I find tasks like answering emails much harder to deal with, writing unbearable. However, I know this will steer me in a healthier direction, so I’m persevering.

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Author: Tiffany D. Jackson

Tiffany D. Jackson is a TV professional by day, novelist by night, awkward black girl 24/7. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Film from Howard University and her Master of Arts in Media Studies from The New School University. A Brooklyn native, she is a lover of naps, cookie dough, and beaches, currently residing in the borough she loves with her adorable chihuahua Oscar, most likely multitasking. Her debut novel, ALLEGEDLY is due January 24th, 2017 through Katherine Tegen Books, an imprint of Harper Collins.