Book Two Updates: The Countdown to Rodin’s Lover Begins

cover 2BECOMING JOSEPHINE was the first debut from the class of 2014 to be launched. This means I’ll soon be gearing up to the countdown for book two. I have to say, it was quite a learning experience to write under deadline while launching another book. (Though tough, it’s definitely a good problem to have.) I turned in a draft to my editor in early April, my final edits two weeks later, and copy edits in May. Now, we have a cover and advanced reader copies have just begun to circulate with reviewers. In fact, my literary agency (@foliolit on Twitter) is giving away a copy to a winner who RTs their post about it. Launch day is Jan 27, 2015. I’m thankful it’s not on New Year’s Eve this year like last time!


A mesmerizing tale about art and passion in Belle Époque France.

As a woman, aspiring sculptor Camille Claudel has plenty of critics, especially her ultra-traditional mother. But when Auguste Rodin makes Camille his apprentice—and his  muse—their passion inspires groundbreaking works. Yet, Camille’s success is overshadowed by her lover’s rising star, and her obsessions cross the line into madness. Rodin’s Lover brings to life the volatile love affair between one of the era’s greatest artists and a woman entwined in a tragic dilemma she cannot escape.

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Now, to get back to drafting book three…

Author: Heather Webb

Heather Webb is the author of BECOMING JOSEPHINE, her debut historical (Plume/Penguin 2014). A freelance editor and blogger, she spends oodles of time helping writers hone their skills—something she adores. You may find her Twittering @msheatherwebb, hosting contests, or hanging around as a contributor to the Editor's Posts. She is also the Twitter mistress for the popular Writer Unboxed. She loves making new reader and writer friends. Stop on by her website, Between the Sheets!

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