Deb Eleanor is Grateful

Eleanor BrownWe have a saying around this house when we’re complaining about something inconsequential – “That’s a first-world problem.”  There are people in this world who have a heck of a lot more to worry about – like access to clean water, twenty-plus years of civil war, the real threat of being sold into sexual slavery, bullying and abuse and simple survival.

That doesn’t mean that there’s nothing in my life or yours that is worth worrying about.  But that saying gives me a little perspective on the issue at hand.

So the dust that accumulates on the TV stand within seconds of cleaning it?  First-world problem.

The cat hair on the sky-blue duvet cover?  First-world problem.

The way the desk lamp I gave J.C. wiggles when he types?  First-world problem.

Not having enough half-and-half for my morning tea?  First-world problem.

So, just for today, I’m going to ignore my first-world problems and focus on the things I am grateful for – Chester, J.C., our friends, a reliable day job, the upcoming release of The Weird Sisters, our new life in Colorado, my fellow Debutantes, and everyone reading this who supports and loves us.

I’ll do that just for today.  And then maybe I’ll do it again tomorrow.

Join me?

13 Replies to “Deb Eleanor is Grateful”

  1. What a great line: “That’s a first-world problem”–I’m going to start using it, if you don’t mind. Years ago, when my boys were small, I occasionally needed to point out to them (and to myself) that no matter how hard we thought we had it, 99% of the world’s population would trade places with us in a heartbeat. I still forget that at times.

    But, today, I’m mostly thankful that those two sons, one 200 miles away and the other 2000 miles away, will both be home for Thanksgiving. Let the cooking, eating, and laughing begin!

    1. Have at it – I’ve seen it popping up online lately, and I’m glad to know it’s a shared sentiment.

      Enjoy your time with your boys – what a wonderful way to celebrate!

  2. Yes, great bon mot!

    I used to tell my husband when he would whine about stuff like someone having more than we did – first world problem — “well, let’s make a list of all the people we know who has MORE whatever (money, fame, recognition) and a list of those who have LESS. I don’t even have to make the lists to tell you which is longer.”

    Sometimes you have to put life in perspective… ;>

      1. Yeah, the best part was, we never actually made a list, the point was taken… Effective whine shut-off valve.

        On the other hand, I also do this mental exercise with myself when I find myself wallowing in self-pity. Which happens more than it should, considering my actually quite blessed life. Gaining perspective sure does help you remember what you should be thankful for.

        Hey, there’s a thought. Thanksgiving dinner: everybody make a LIST! My list includes chocolate, my dog, my husband, the kid, and our home. Not in any given order (how could you rank these things??)

  3. That was perfect and absolutely the truth. Much to be thankful this year, including this wonderful community here at the Deb Ball, which I love. I’ll raise an extra glass of wine to all of you on Thursday, both to express my gratitude… and because I want an excuse to raise an extra glass of wine. 🙂

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