Deb Kim is Grateful

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Things for which I am grateful: For friends. Family. Food on the table without worry. Heat from the furnace without sacrifice.  My husband’s job. Good schools for my children. Our health.  This song was the highlight of my wedding for me. My book opens with my marrying Mark. And I’m grateful for the gift of humor to help salve our wounds and to see the joy and the goodness of life in small places. En-JOY.

And now, for something completely different. (Nod to the ever classic Monty Python. And Beaker.)

5 Replies to “Deb Kim is Grateful”

    1. I knew you’d appreciate Beaker. Time to bake a GF cake to free up the oven for the big bird – oh wait, that came out ALL WRONG. 🙂

  1. I have been humming this song for two days now and only just realized I never commented on it!

    This is a lovely list of blessings. I hope this has been a lovely day for you all – pie and Sesame Street is pretty much happiness personified.

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