Deb Kerry and the Green Association Game

Sometimes, in the middle of a conversation, people look at me and ask, “How on earth did you get to that topic?” And I’m equally surprised by their inability to follow my logic. It’s taken me awhile to understand that not everybody’s brain flips into the Word Association Game at the drop of an interesting word or turn of phrase.

Throw a word out there and my brain chases it like one of those little terrier dogs after a ball.

This week, the topic I was given to blog on is simply this: Green

And here is what happened in my head:

Followed by this:

jade dragon


And then this:

Before realizing that the topic is because of St. Patrick’s Day and I’m supposed to be thinking about this:

dog leprechaun


Your turn: where does your brain go when presented with the word Green? Play fair now – what is your first thought?

10 Replies to “Deb Kerry and the Green Association Game”

    1. Now see, I would never have arrived there because I don’t pay attention to sports and have not heard of this person. But now that you have mentioned him, I think Erik the Red, Vikings, ships, and gold. Which could lead me back to leprechauns. 🙂

  1. Hmm… I first think of “green with envy” which leads me to Mad Madam Mim from Disney’s Sword in the Stone — I always thought of her as a jealous old hag, and she changes all sorts of colors in her wizard’s duel with Merlin. She also changes into all sorts of creatures, which then takes me to “green-eyed monster”. So then of course Mike from Monsters Inc. pops into my head. Moral of the story: I watch far too much Disney for a grown woman.

  2. Paid cash for my kid to have his wisdom teeth out today. Today for me, green = money. Even though I paid with a blue debit card.

  3. My first thought is going to stay a mystery until Friday.

    My second thought was a thoroughly inappropriate comment based on the first thought.

    But the THIRD thought was, “I wonder if the cupcake store has any special green cupcakes for St. Patrick’s day.” That thought was promptly followed by “mmmmmm….cupcake.”

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