Newsflash: March 10, 2013

From the 2013 Debs…

Deb Kerry is so excited for Deb Dana for All The Reasons! (See below) In her own small world, she has received her Edit Letter for Book Two and has dived (dove? doven?) into Revision Sea. Next Saturday, March 16th, she will be signing books at the Barnes and Noble in Kennewick, WA from 1-3 pm

Deb Dana had a pretty amazing week, in which a review of her book in the Washington Post was eclipsed by the birth of her adorable lovebug of a son (and first child!), Alexander Jonathan Bate! She is head-over-heels in love.

Deb Kelly is very excited about Deb Dana’s news…

Deb Susan is THRILLED for Deb Dana – and is also pleased to announce that her ARCs of CLAWS OF THE CAT arrived on Friday afternoon – the book is finally real!!

Deb Amy wrapped up her twenty-page synopsis for her WIP, currently titled FALLING INTO PLACE, about one mom’s obsession with secrets, lies, and blogging.


BABY Deb News

In case you missed the announcement above, The Debutante Ball (and all of the debs) would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Deb Dana Bate on the birth of her son, Alexander Jonathan Bate!

Now THAT’s a debut that makes even a book look unimportant!

Mother and baby are doing well, and we wish Dana and her family (newly enlarged by 1!) all the joy, health, and happiness in the world.


Deb Dish – What’s your favorite green food?

Deb Amy: Do green M&Ms count? Yes? Green M&Ms it is then! (Otherwise, I do love asparagus!)

Deb Dana: Ooooh, tough call. It’s a tie between peas and avocados. Depends on my mood, but I love both, prepared in any number of ways.

Deb Kelly: Absolutely spinach. I like it in every way but best of all I love it in spanokopita. Don’t try to hide kale in there. I’ll know. Is it spring yet?

Deb Kerry: Guacamole. I adore guacamole with the sort of love that means cleaning out the bowl with a finger when nobody is looking.

Deb Susan: Artichokes – steamed with butter! No contest!


Your Turn!! Are you a fan “of the green” – or are you a meat and potatoes type?

5 Replies to “Newsflash: March 10, 2013”

  1. CONGRATULATIOS, Deb Dana!!!! Enjoy mommy-hood. 😀

    My favorite greet food? Gosh, I love them all. Well, maybe not green Jello. Especially not with grated carrots in it, which apparently was a recipe intended to turn a wiggly gelatin dessert into a “salad.”

    1. Oh dear God. The salad jellos. I choked my way through any number of those as a child. My mother was sensible about the jello thing, but many of the places we were invited to eat with friends. If there were only carrots you got off easy.

    2. Jello with THINGS IN IT is not a food. It’s a torture device designed to permanently scar small children whose mothers taught them to “eat at least one bite to be polite.”

      I still have nightmares.

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