Deb Kim’s Favorite Summer Reads

I’m going to share my favorite summer reads with you in pictorial format. My girls have autism and pictures are a great way to show them a schedule of what we are doing for an “at a glance” understanding. Works for me too! Summertime reads can vary – I don’t have a particular genre I prefer come summer. To be honest, going to the beach with the girls is sheer hell, even though we live on the Connecticut coastline overlooking beautiful Long Island Sound. (I know you’re laughing Deb readers on more hospitable coastlines.) One heads east, one heads west and the other heads toward the water. I end up hopping up and down on the hot sand wondering which angel to save first! But one summer we rented a house with a in-ground pool (The Little Green House chapter in my book.) Lordy be what luxury to have a pool! We swam safely and at our leisure and had a blast. I even got some reading done! The photo on the left is in my book, and I’m reading Janet Evanovich’s 15th Steph Plum book. A great summer read.

But on the beach? There’s one thing that brings me straight back to childhood. My beach “must read”. I still buy several copies each summer. I read them and send them off to my sister in Texas.  I’m into nostalgia and all things retro as you likely know. So here’s my gen-yoo-ine “it’s finally summer!” summer reading – and labels count!

It’s not summer without the Archies! Can you smell the SPF 4 Coppertone and hear the airplane trailing the banner overhead with “Tan don’t burn! Use Coppertone!”

We’ll need a snack Pixy Stix are a MUST. My tongue is purple!

And well, SPF 4 isn’t much use is it?   Aaaaaah, feel the cool spray when you “Feel like  French fry, Mom.”

Your turn – what makes summer “summer” for you? And are you a Veronica or a Betty?

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  1. Sipping a Bloody Mary on the beach while reading something frivolous makes summer for me. Especially if I’m surrounded by family, and my father-in-law makes the Bloodies. His are the BEST. 🙂

    I used to almost dread our beach trips (big, extended-family gatherings) when the kiddos were little — fun, in its way, but so frantic it could hardly be called relaxing.

  2. Hmmm…the Coppertone and Solarcaine are familiar to me from the summers of my past – or even better, baby oil with iodine in it. Who knew that fair skinned people, such as myself, would regret those summer days roasting like a pig on a spit? LOL

    Reading in the summer though, when I was young, was starting a book at bedtime and finishing it in the wee hours of the night – in between visits from my mother, who asked me to “go to sleep now”. 🙂

  3. Oooh, thanks for the reminder that I’d better go check to see if the new Evanovich is out yet. That’s definitely my start of summer indulgence each year! I’m with you on the Coppertone 4 as well. Add mojitos to the list, too, please!


    1. I think it’s out about now – reviews for the last two were scathing – which really bums me out – as I’ve been a monster fan. Big changes for JE – moved to Random House last year. Hoping 17 is back up to snuff. A bit less Lula, a lot more Ranger and Morelli, more Grandma Mazur and NO monkeys or alligators please!

  4. Love it! I was never a comic reader and I still find them confusing – am I supposed to be looking at the pictures? the words? – but I’m all (as was clear yesterday!) for revisiting childhood’s favorite reads!

  5. I do love the smell of Coppertone. It totally says Beach and Summer.

    Veronica’s the one with the black hair, right? I like her. Which is odd, because as a kid I usually liked the blondes, like Melody in Josie and the Pussycats.

  6. I have to say, that Solorcaine brought back all kinds of memories of horrible sunburns during childhood. I can SMELL that stuff! Sunburns are the worst! xoxo

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