Deb Sarah on Sun & Sand–And Her Second Novel!

Is there anything more lovely than curling up with a book on a sandy beach, with the sun streaming down on skin (um, slathered in SPF 50), waves crashing into the shore in the background? Of course, I can only dream about this scene, because I have three little boys and I’d rather gouge my eyes out than get on a plane and travel somewhere far away with three kids, so I shall live through all of your summer vacations. And, when I wrote my second novel, The Bungalow, which is out in March of 2012 (eeps, that’s like 9 months away!), I was feeling pretty housebound. I had two little boys (ages 1 and 3 at the time), and I was in the second trimester of my pregnancy with boy No. 3. I felt frustrated that I couldn’t hop on a plane and head to somewhere tropical, so you know what I did? I wrote about it instead! The result? My second novel, The Bungalow. Here’s a little more about the story, if you’d like to take a look.

What do you think of the cover? I think it’s pretty dreamy, and it follows the theme started with The Violets of March, so I love that—hope you do too!

P.S. The most memorable beach read for me was The Thornbirds, which I read in Tahiti on my honeymoon 10 years ago.

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    1. Thanks Kathy! This book snuck up on me. I wrote it really quickly and just fell in love with the characters. 🙂 I hope you get a chance to read it! xo

  1. I am so excited about THE BUNGALOW! I cannot wait to read it and think the cover is very, very nice. Love the fact that it sticks with the same concept as THE VIOLETS OF MARCH. And I’m trying to remember how many years ago I read THE THORNBIRDS. A long time anyway. It was not in Tahiti though, I know that!! LOL

    Good luck and enjoy your busy summer, Sarah!

  2. Sarah, Many years ago, I went to the librarian of a small town and told her that she really should get a copy of The Thornbirds. ‘It’s going to be a best seller,’ I said, ‘and will probably be made into a movie.’ I was right, as subsequent events proved.
    I love it when a book I pick goes haywire and takes the world by storm.

    I loved The Violets ….. and am already touting The Bungalow. Plus I love your little boys since they resemble my children when they were small:)

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