Deb Tawna wants to be a beach read

You can't tell, but he's reading Making Waves. At least, that's what he told me in bed.

I always wanted to be a beach read.

Well, not me personally. My book. When I first began writing Making Waves, it was in the back of my head like a chant:

Beach read! Beach read! Such a fun beach read!

I’ve never been one of those writers who wanted to craft profoundly moving prose with a deep moral message. I wanted to make people laugh. I wanted to titillate. I wanted to entertain.

There’s something about being on a warm, sandy beach with a cocktail in hand that puts people in the right mindset for fun, fluffy books.

I wanted to write that fun, fluffy book.

I wanted to write something that gets tucked in someone’s beach bag. I wanted to write the book that ends up with sand in the spine and a margarita stain on the cover so every time the reader spots it on the bookshelf after the vacation is over, she smiles a little.

When my agent first called to tell me Sourcebooks was offering a three book contract, I was happy.

When she informed me that the proposed publishing schedule had my releases slated for August 2011, January 2012, and August 2012, I did a little happy dance and poured myself an umbrella drink. That’s two summer releases. Two beach reads. And if you want to get technical, January is a popular month for people to escape cold climates for tropical vacations.

Does it get any better than that?

Well, maybe. I could actually be allowed to tag along on these beach vacations. In person, you know?

If you’re planning one, consider inviting me to join you. Hey, I’ll make it worth your while. I’ll throw in a free book. I’ll even sit beside your cabana and read it to you. Promise.

18 Replies to “Deb Tawna wants to be a beach read”

  1. I so hear ya, sistah. Some writers aspire to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. Me? I dream of walking down a beach and seeing my book in one hand of somebody who has an umbrella drink in the other. If I see smiles and/or hear laughter? Bonus. 🙂

  2. I was at a panel last night of authors talking about, “What’s Fiction For”, and while they did a lovely job and raised some excellent points, I was also disappointed that they didn’t talk about genre fiction and pure, delicious pleasure (the word “fun” was mentioned, but less so than “instruct” and “discover”) and the comfort of reading something that you know is going to turn out the way you want it to, despite the surprises along the way.

    Also, I will now be singing, “Beach read! Beach read! Such a fun beach read!” all the livelong day.

  3. I’m not out to make some huge moral statement either. Mine are a different genre than yours, but in the end I really just want to entertain someone for a few hours, let them forget their own world for a bit and get lost in the one I create.

    People read thrillers on the beach too, right? 🙂

  4. I will read you on a beach
    I will read you with a peach
    I will read you in the sun
    I will read you just for fun
    I will read you for a thrill
    I will read you, yes I will
    I will read you, Tawna dear
    I wil read you, have no fear!

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