Deb Sarah Congratulates Deb Tawna, and Has a Confession…

Making WavesHappy book birthday to Deb Tawna’s Making Waves! I’m giggly and all kinds of shades of chartreuse because, um, I’m a total romance novel virgin! Yes, I did peek at the pages of friend’s romance novels in high school, but can you believe that in my 33 years I’ve never been properly introduced to the genre? So, Deb Tawna, you are my first!

Like Deb Elise, I have had the Fabio impression about so-called romance novels. And, funny little side note: When my first novel, The Violets of March, was coming out, my mom (knowing nothing about the subject of my novel) said she was hopeful that Penguin wouldn’t put a bare-chested male on the front (I said, “mom, it’s not that kind of novel!”). But, really, the type of romance novel that Deb Tawna writes is just pure fun. (And, that cover be any more appealing?!)

I giggled (and blushed) my way through the pages, and, like the other Debs, loved getting to know Tawna more through her pages. (Because you can always get to know a person more through her words.) I found myself rooting for Juli, a little smitten with Alex, and craving a beachy adventure of my own (sans pirates and kids!).

Bravo, Deb Tawna! Wishing you every success with your debut. xoxo

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  1. Sarah, you just had your third child, surely you can’t be blushing! I’ll bet you of all of us enjoyed the rollicking good story that took you away for a few hours. I know I did! (Kids, sorry I missed dinner that one day…. Love, Mom)

      1. The mother took her little boy to the pediatrician and said, “Dr. what can you do, my son has a teenie weenire.”

        Dr.: “Feed him pancakes for breakfast.”

        The next morning the mother made a dozen pancakes and served one to the child. When he asked for more, the mother replied, “No, the rest are for your father.”

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