Deb Tawna has release week brain freeze

For nearly twelve months, I’ve come here every Friday with a pretty good idea what I wanted to write. Sometimes it didn’t even involve dirty jokes.

Today – at the end of a week devoted entirely to discussing the release of my debut novel, Making Waves – I have to confess that I’m totally, utterly, completely stumped.

Part of it is the way I’ve always approached social media. I’ve never wanted to beat people over the head with my novel until they run away sobbing with a promise to buy a copy. My philosophy has always been that if I can make you giggle with a blog post completely unrelated to Making Waves, you might enjoy the sample of my “voice” enough that you’ll feel like picking up the book when the time comes.

If not, at least I’ve made you laugh. No hard feelings.

So now that I’m supposed to be here talking about me – well, I’m sort of frozen.

It’s also possible my possible that has nothing to do with it, and my brain freeze is a product of too many dirty martinis at my book launch party the other night. That seems likely, too.

I’m dizzy from all the wonderful things people have been saying about Making Waves. My fellow Debs made me cry every day this week with their touching words about the book. Writer’s Digest magazine praised Making Waves as one of ten “notable debuts,” and RT Book Reviews gave the book 4.5 stars and wrote, “This delightfully witty debut will have readers laughing out loud.” A recent review in Booklist magazine stated, “Fenske’s off-the-wall plotting is reminiscent of a tame Carl Hiaasen on Cupid juice.”

Incidentally, “Cupid juice” sounds deliciously filthy.

My cat expressed his fondness for the book by napping on a big pile of copies. If that’s not flattering, I don’t know what is.

I guess all I can really think of to say right now is thank you. Thank you for buying the book or saying nice things about it or just showing up here to occasionally read my posts. It makes me feel wonderful.

So do those dirty martinis. Anyone want to join me for another round?

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  1. Oh, cats. Always there to put things in perspective.

    I know it’s a crazy-making time, but I hope you’re able to enjoy it a little! Congratulations, and thank *you* for such a fun read!

  2. I’m in! Pour me an icy one, with two huge olives, please. The dirtier the better. 😉

    Oh, and I got an un-truncated copy of MAKING WAVES at Walmart the other day — the last one they had in stock, so I had to remind them to order more. I have a feeling it’s going to be tough for stores to keep it on the shelves. 😀

    1. Thanks for the report on WalMart and thanks especially for telling them to order more! I keep having people email me to say certain stores are out, and I’m like, “what do you want ME to do about a WalMart in rural Texas?”

  3. “Cupid juice!”–I love it. Seriously one of the yummiest quotes ever. That one has to go somewhere, next book blurb, perhaps? And a Carl Hiaasen comparison too–that merits another round right there!
    Cheers on a wonderful release week, Tawna!

    (PS–Ever had garlic martinis? They’re the house special here. Garlic stuffed olives with lots of their dirty garlic-infused juice. Yum.)

    1. Mmmmm….I will definitely have to go in search of a garlic martini. Thanks for the tip! Kinda want to try a bacon one, too.

  4. I’ve been holding back this news since TDW’S Book Giveaway as a surprise for you, Tawna. One of the winners is from La Serena, Chile and MAKING WAVES should be delivered to her next Friday. Imagine, your crew has “sailed” to South america! 🙂

    1. Awww, very cool! I have a strangely high number of blog readers in Sweden, Japan, and a few South American countries. Though my book isn’t on the shelves there as far as I know, I’ve been impressed at how many people in foreign countries have chosen to order from Amazon. Love it!

  5. I want a dirty martini!!! And I want to hug your cat. Maybe both at once. CONGRATULATIONS, TAWNA!!!! Sending lots of love and inappropriate jokes.

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