Deb Tawna loves getting lucky

We’re talking about luck this week, and as the romance author of the group, I may have a different notion of “getting lucky” than my fellow Debs.

My brain contains an endless list of euphemisms for carnal relations, but “getting lucky” always struck me as an odd one. I picture a guy wearing boxer briefs stuffed with four-leaf clovers, and then I get all ooged out about hygiene and it kind of kills the mood.

My other issue with the phrase “getting lucky” is that it discounts the inherent skill  involved in persuading a member of your preferred gender to knock boots.

Then again, I suppose dumb luck plays a role in almost any coupling.

This is certainly true in romance novels.

A quirky blonde with a lot of secrets just happens to stow away on a boat captained by a hot guy leading the most dysfunctional pirate mission in history.

A woman who doesn’t believe in psychics just happens to get stuck filling in for her crazy psychic mom and butts heads with the hot guy who just happens to own the male strip club next door.

A reformed bad boy just happens to get hired for a construction project at a vineyard run by the girl who got away.

Those are the bare-bones summaries from the three romantic comedies in my contract, and if it weren’t for the happenstance of luck, none of them would have much of a story at all. Then no one would be getting lucky, and what fun would that be?

So I guess as euphemisms go, “getting lucky” isn’t so bad after all.

What’s your favorite carnal euphemism? Keep it PG-13, if you will.

And here’s hoping you all get lucky this weekend,  however you choose to do that.

14 Replies to “Deb Tawna loves getting lucky”

  1. My favorite is the f word. If I’m keeping it pg13 my second favorite is shag. I like getting lucky, though. I certainly consider it good luck when I get to engage in good sex with someone of the opposite gender.

  2. I love your one-sentence plot summaries. The fact is, that “just happens” analogy could be used for all kinds of fiction. Three adult sisters who don’t like each other very much just happen to all return home one summer because they’ve made messes of their lives.

    Coincidence is what life is made of.

    I suppose I should go Shakespearean and say, ‘making the beast with two backs’, but I can’t say I’ve ever thought about it!

  3. I’m looking over a four leaf clover that I’ve overlooked befooooorrrreeee! 1 leaf is hunky, the other is abs, the third leaf is shoulders like I’ve never had. No use complaining the one remaining is a body to adooooooreee. I’m looking over a four leaf clover and I’d like to have some moorrree!

    “Boinking.” 🙂

  4. Ya know why I agree with Kim? That great Moonlighting episode where Maddie is horrified when Dave refers to it as “boinking,” which leads him to go on a tirade of “boink boink boinkety boink boink boink.”

    I would totally boink David Addison. That’s allowed in my marriage because he’s fictional, so my husband doesn’t have to worry.

    Have I mentioned that my husband’s name is British slang for “horny”? So that’s become a favorite term too.

    1. I only ever saw one episode of Moonlighting. I can’t remember why I wasn’t allowed to watch it, but I’m sure my parents had a good reason.

  5. @Elise: Not if I got to David Addison first, you wouldn’t! lol. Love that character.
    Shagging is probably my favorite but I’ve been known to use “bang” as a verb in casual conversation.

  6. We had a dog that was a compulsive humper. His name was Tanky. So we call it the “Tanky Boy.” Keeping it PG13 is a challenge, but it’s amazing when I’m not swept off my feet with my husband’s innuendos which are as romantic as “bumping uglies” or “Hide the Kielbasa.” Oh yes, it was his romantic side that captured me.

    As always – Love your posts Tawna!

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