My biggest inspiration in the writing industry

I really honestly don’t connect with the energy of jealousy when it relates to personal endeavors. I am invigorated by seeing others find their success and way in the world, and in no way think it diminishes the possibility for me. My favorite inspiration in the writing industry is Issa Rae. I have been following her since I was in my early days of graduate school for Fashion at University of Delaware. I remember binging her series   while sitting in my dorm room and thinking, Wow. Yes. And Thank God. I love seeing her, a brown skinned girl with natural hair, curious and emotionally timid, looking at herself and others with a quizzical brow. I connected immediately with her voice, her persona, her entire vibe, and I remember this as one of the starting points of me envisioning myself as a writer. Because she did, I could.

Currently, Issa Rae continues to slay in the writing and content creation game. As this article posts, Issa has just done something that genuinely blew my mind. She is now on the final episode of the 4th season of her HBO Show, Insecure. This has had me spiritually and creatively transfixed with the detailed burn out of a long term girlfriendship! But what is epic is that the show within a show, Looking for Latoya, has been made into a full podcast that will be available after the show tonight! And this was an entire secret. And the show within a show is more than timely, as it highlights how the criminal justice system barely cares for lost brown girls. I am so inspired by not only the artistic flair of this Beyonce level artistic move, but the timeliness and relation to current events makes the content on the podcast even more enticing to invest in! Utter brilliance. I love seeing black women make waves and do new things in content creation. This move has definitely inspired me today!

Issa Rae and Yodassa Williams smiling at an airport

Also, I met Issa Rae in an Airport a few years back and the moment was distinctly glorious for me, while she possibly doesn’t remember I will forever recall the moment of total fangirling over her luminous face! Just look at my smile, it’s miles long! I hope that we can collaborate on an amazing concoction someday. I feel those vibes way more than jealousy. Collaboration and inspiration over Jealousy, every day.

Author: Yodassa Williams

Yodassa Williams is a powerful conjurer of black girl magic (70% Jedi, 30% Sith). A Jamaican American writer, speaker, and award winning performing storyteller, alumna of the VONA/Voices Travel Writing program and creator of the podcast ‘The Black Girl Magic Files’, Yodassa (Yoda) launched ‘Writers Emerging' in 2019, a wilderness writing retreat for women of color and non-binary people of color. In 2020, Yodassa's debut YA Fantasy, The Goddess Twins, will be published by Spark Press. She grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and currently resides in the Bay Area.