Is your book coming out next year? Become a Deb!

The Debutante Ball is looking for a new cohort of authors to take the reins on this blog for next year!

If you are a woman/non-binary author and you have a book coming out in 2020, you should definitely consider applying. Blogging about your experience publishing a book is not only a great practice in writing consistently, it’s also a wonderful chance to share what it’s like to put a book out into the world! Each week, five authors will blog about one topic that’s related to writing, publishing, and living the art life.

For me, being able to process my thoughts every week about one aspect of the book publishing process was not only fun, it was also a relief! With my fellow Debs, I loved realizing that many of us were going through similar things — the  ups and downs, the highs and the lows, and of course, the excitement, the dreams!

Consider applying for the 2020 Deb class. You’ll be glad you did!

Have more questions? Feel free to email me!

Author: Stephanie Jimenez

Stephanie Jimenez is a former Fulbright recipient and Prep for Prep alumna. She is based in Queens, New York, and her work has appeared in The Guardian, O! the Oprah Magazine, Entropy, and more. Her debut novel, THEY COULD HAVE NAMED HER ANYTHING, will be published in the summer of 2019 (Little A). Follow her @estefsays.