Julie Clark is a Master of Craft

My fellow Debs have (QUITE RIGHTLY) extolled the many virtues of The Ones We Choose. They have talked about how relatable and well-drawn Julie’s protagonist, Paige, is as well as the brilliant and fascinating science in the book, and how easy it is to sink into this gorgeous novel. I want to talk about it on a craft level.

Julie Clark has written one of the most brilliantly paced, beautifully written novels I’ve read this year. I read it while I was editing, which is a really hard time for me to read because I just pick apart all the problems in what I’m reading. Not so here. The Ones We Choose flung a jacket around my editorial brain’s shoulders and pushed it, ever so politely, out the front door, leaving me furiously flipping pages and staying up way too late.

I was so impressed with how deftly Julie disseminated information about Paige’s life and choices, and how flawlessly her story unfolded. Not only that, but Julie writes gorgeous sentences.

I loved this, from an interaction between Paige and her mother. “My mother’s hand has been a constant in my life, smoothing my hair, drying my tears, yanking me into the dentist’s office or across the street. But as I stare at our intertwined fingers, I notice how swollen and bent hers are and remember that she too is getting old.”

This story will sweep you off your feet, and I know for a fact that you’ll love it just as much as I do.

Author: Kaitlyn Sage Patterson

Kaitlyn Sage Patterson grew up with her nose in a book outside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. After completing her M.F.A., she moved to South Korea, where she taught English and started writing her debut novel. THE DIMINISHED will be published by HarlequinTEEN in April 2018, followed by its sequel in 2019. When she's not staring off into space and trying to untangle some particularly troublesome plot point, she can be found in her kitchen, perfecting the most difficult recipe she can find; or at the barn, where she rides and trains dressage horses; or with her husband, spoiling their sweet rescue dogs.