Kaitlyn’s Favorites

This week we’re writing about our favorite things, and this, my friends, is a topic I’m well versed in. I love to love. So, without further ado and in no particular order, my favorite things.

  1. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. I have extremely dry skin and have since I was wee, and this stuff is the only thing that can keep me from drying out like a tumbleweed.
  2. Chai with lots of black pepper and cardamom. I grew up in a cult that practiced a form of Hinduism, and one of my favorite things about my time in the ashram was the endless supply of chai. None of the commercially available brands that I’ve tried have enough cardamom or pepper, so I wind up making it for myself a lot.
  3. Hot wings. I have a problem. Seriously. There’s a sports bar near here that delivers these mango habanero hot wings that make my mouth go numb and I love them so much I might order them right now. Damn! It’s 8:40 and they don’t open until 11.
  4. The feeling of sinking into a good book that you can’t put down. Since I started writing I’ve gotten a lot more picky about what I read and fall in love with, and it takes a lot to really suck me into a novel. Most recently, I read Barbed Wire Heart by Tess Sharpe and fell utterly in love.
  5. My Instant Pot. I know a lot of this has been food-based, but y’all, I really love food, and the Instant Pot has made my life so much easier and better.
  6. The smell of a barn early in the morning. Someday I’m going to buy a little hobby farm and fill it with horses and goats and pigs and chickens and miniature cows, and I’ll start each day with some time outside with my animals, and it will be glorious.

There you have it. That’s a little taste of my weird. What’s yours?

Author: Kaitlyn Sage Patterson

Kaitlyn Sage Patterson grew up with her nose in a book outside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. After completing her M.F.A., she moved to South Korea, where she taught English and started writing her debut novel. THE DIMINISHED will be published by HarlequinTEEN in April 2018, followed by its sequel in 2019. When she's not staring off into space and trying to untangle some particularly troublesome plot point, she can be found in her kitchen, perfecting the most difficult recipe she can find; or at the barn, where she rides and trains dressage horses; or with her husband, spoiling their sweet rescue dogs.

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